Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Politic isn't my thing, newspapers.

They're acting like a kid. Pain in the ass.

I am trying to become responsible towards Thinkquest project. But whenever I open the page, my spirit seems got away. /distracted

Yesterday, I went search for Comic Fiesta 2011. It said that the event will held at KLCC at December 17th and 18th. I went fangirling and quickly FBing Kila about it and went rabid about the topic.

Yes, it was our biggest hope. Hopefully Ayah and Mama will give green light about it. So Sarah's and Dida's parents.

I also take a part in essay writing for Minggu Bahasa this week. OMG I don't what I wrote for that. The question sounded like this:

"Describe an incident that happened when your moment of forgetfulness occurs to you"

Hah. Writer block.
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