Friday, July 15, 2011

Rough Translation Takasaka Atsushi Blog for 15th July

Based on the ATLAS and Google translations. Not so grammatically right.

Title: The more it ages, the more bind increases

This fellow, it becomes a face on the hunted side!


When you do not firmly teach the subordinate-superior relationship when meeting for the first time!! Σ( ̄□ ̄;
There seems some to be notification from the senior Aki Kanada.
"It's Kanada~!
I come to ask for a vote \(^0^)/
Anime "Alien Bear and Me"
Kenta: Aki Kanada
Alien Bear: Ono Daisuke
Masked woman: Sawashiro Miyuki
It votes on the work that everyone thinks to be interesting externals, and the project that becomes a regular program broadcast in NHK when winning. (!)
One vote and two clean votes to “Alien Bear and Me” voted from PC respectively once a week.
Voting at Saturday 20:13 next week.
It is not easily if it is possible to make it known also to a surrounding friend.
It broadcasts with One Seg channel 2 at 13 o'clock of Saturday.
'Aoyama One Seg development'
July 23 at 13:00 comes in a presentation conducted by Kaneda Live Shoko Aida Chair
The win-loss result goes out while live broadcasting.
It is not possible to return by being defeated on live broadcasting (burning)
Please gather your power. m(_ _)m
Thank you! (^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/」
Let's put it out.
Does it only have to be seen the stepped work “Alien Bear and I” on which it steps of the desire the way interesting and vote? (d´∀`b)

You can look over. ☆彡ヾ(´∀`●)=з =з
Picture: Takasaka Atsushi© ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I think, he got an invitation from Kanada-san about a voting for an anime called "Alien Bear and Me". For what? I don't know myself ^^;
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