Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rough Translation Takasaka Atsushi Blog for 16th July

Ouch my fingers dried? What should I do!? Panicked!? Drink more lotion!?

Whatever. I forgot to translate Atsu-chan's blog entries. He posted twice on this date.


Title: It is a very happy thing that previously planned

I finished a work.

Waiting time to the following business.


It's time to read in the coffee shop.


Title: Place where I can shine. Want to work it

At night,

My elder sister has indebted by the radio " Gojou Mayumi and the red man Miyazaki Akira-kun" perform and it has gone to a live & talk show~ (-^∇^-)

The song is good~ (  ̄ー ̄)

My sister is always different.

Oh, the hue of appearance of the original is here!

Lovely one as always. My sister is a cool singer.

It shines dazzlingly.


Cheers for a good work!

Pictures and contents (c) Takasaka Atsushi
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