Monday, July 18, 2011

Rough Translation Takasaka Atsushi Blog for 17th and 18th of July

Posted on 17th July:
Title: Answer of Weekend

The Q&A of the weekend

Q. Yawn is not good.
> I am suppose to do as usual. Remember the usual!

Q. Do you know mellow yellow?
> This drink. I comparatively like it.

Q. Do you have other work besides dubbing?
> Only the voice in CM, or as the event chairperson, and the stage appearance, and as corporation PV... because it is an actor, it is various.

Q. Are those glasses have the same degree?
> It is the same. However, I think my eyesight worsen for a moment in recent.

Q. Recently large shopping?
> "Gel Mat". About 4000 Yen.

Q. Recommended ice cream?
> Right now it's the Giant Corn.

Q. Does intelectual go out if it does very?
> Power? I'm sorry it is not... I'm a fool so I don't know...

Q. I have a good friends who have fight. What should I do?
> Well, what does not the person in question not want to do this alone mutually?

It might be difficult for the third party to enter.

How about talk to each other? If they want to be reconciled, let's mediate.

Q. Do you have a car license?
> I don't have any license. I think I should take it.

Q. How do I sent the letters?
> Please send it to "Oki Company Pro THE NEXT" which I belong to.

Q. Rasping flavour that you may eat?
> I do. It is very delicious.

Q. Please apply the nickname to "Rio" and "Bu".
> "Rio" carnival. Me"bu"raian.

Q. Please tell the encouraging word for exams
> Severely to the person without depending too much to other. Be steady!! (not quite get this)
Q. Please wish a happy birthday.
> Congratulations~!


Posted this on 18th July.

Title: People who all work hard only at painful time. HERO.

Women soccer "Pink Japan"

They won the championship and became good in the world.

Japan: because of such a situation now.

This victory.

I think it was really good.

And the situation was snatched in such a situation.

Women soccer Japan representative.

Thank you.

Pictures and content (c) Takasaka Atsushi
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