Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rough Translation Takasaka Atsushi Blog for 18th, 19th and 20th July

It seems that he posted twice on 18th July, after the Japanese soccer team thing. He loves to take pictures, ne?

Second post of 18th July:

Title: I also do passion, power and disconnect once in a while, right?


In the neighborhood began to cry cicadas.

If you do not spend it taking care about heat disorder.

The reason is distorted.

A new hat was bought.

A blue hat.

I will get it over at the hot summer!!!

On 19th July:

Title: It means and it is possible to receive it. It neatly tells it.

It takes a picture in a certain tavern.


Lol xD

On 20th July:

Title: If the angle is changed, unhappiness also turns to happiness.

At parents' home,

The room was my room,

It's changed to Alice's room perfectly.

This is...

When I return from parents' house, where would Alice sleep~?


Pictures and contents (c) Takasaka Atsushi
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