Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Tanomu ze, Amani."

For those who didn't know WTH the title mean is, it is by the way, "It asks for help, Amani."

What is asked for?

My awesome school just make a blog competition for classes. Being the most energetic classroom, we of course participate it. So other girls and boys are busying themselves make a blog.

I, being an awesome person, lay my hand off it. /grin

But then, one of the girls asking for my help to post ANYTHING USEFUL to post to the school's blog.

"Okay, cool. I can do it."
"But can you do it in English?"
".....I see what I can do..."

WUT? /twitch


The most awesome I did in English to my blog is to make a walkthrough for visual novels. What should I post to that blog, in English, that is full with information?
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