Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's my egg! + BL games

I grab an egg from Lucky dog 1. My username is Therapii. Do visit me!

In the midst of sorrow. Assignment, assignment, assignment... homework ARGH!!!

Hiro will be my last character to play in STEAL! because he's a girl girly boy so he doesn't catches my eyes. Dx

So! I am sorting on how many BL games that I have played and upcoming ones.


  • Togainu no Chi (Nitro+CHiRAL)
  • Sweet Pool (Nitro+CHiRAL)
  • Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ (Karin ChatNoir OMEGA)
  • Kichiku Megane (SPRAY)
  • Kichiku Megane R (SPRAY)


  • Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ (Nitro+CHiRAL)


  • Hanamachi Monogatari (VividColor)
  • Hanakage (VividColor)
  • Maid Hajimemashita (VividColor)
  • Lucky Dog 1 (Tennenouji)
  • Shingakkou ~Noli Me Tangere~ (PIL/SLASH)
  • Gian Carlo's Lucky Happy Life (Tennenouji)

2012 games plan-to-be-release:

  • DRAMAtical Murder (Nitro+CHiRAL)
  • Taishou Mebiusline (LoveDelivery)
  • Si Nis Kanto (Ands)

So much enjoyment! xD Well... my SPM will be on next year so maybe I'll be not able to play these games. Must finish other games on this year!
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