Friday, September 23, 2011

2 singles and 1 album! (Matsushita Yuya, Kalafina, SID)

My life have been busy since I got my account assignment =_='' I got no time to online, or even play DMC4!!! How boring my life is!

But even thought with the business, I'm still following my favourite artists; Yuya, Kalafina and SID!

First is Matsushita Yuya with SUPER DRIVE!

Released the single on 24th of August 2011. Like always, have regular, limited edition and limited edition + photobook.


4. Lonely rain

Personally, I like Lonely rain because his voice sounds so silky and yeah... I like! <3

Other cover:

His image for the singles. Lastly, the PV for SUPER DRIVE and Lonely rain:

Right, that is the end of Yuya. Now, we move to Kalafina's album After Eden!

Like we already know, Kalafina album released on 21st September 2011.


1. Eden
2. Sandpiper
3. Magia
4. Kugatsu
5. In your eyes
6.Destination unknown
7. Neverending
8. Kotonoha
9. Magnolia
10. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa
11. Mune no Yukue
12. Snow falling
13. Symphonia

I simply love Destination unknown and Symphonia!

The only PV I found is Symphonia:

E-N-D. The grand one is.... SID'S UPCOMING SINGLES ITSUKA!

Will be release on 28th September 2011. What?! It's not that long time to wait! And I realized that Mao has changes his hairstyle... nonetheless, Shiji looks great there! <3


1. Itsuka (Someday)
2. Akikaze (Autumn breeze)
3. NO LDK (Live from "dead stock TOUR 2011")
^ there is type A cover

and ^ there is type B cover. What's the differences between them? It's the dead stock LIVE TOUR 2011.

And I found the PV for Itsuka!:

Well, that's enough songs for today. Happy waiting for Itsuka!
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