Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exam. Why do you exist?

They are here to make sure that you understand what you have learned in school. PLUS, makes you stressed out 4 times a year.

I won't be talking about it. Let's talk about games!

1. Si-Nis-Kanto (Ands)

Not much information from the official website, they just added new characters in the school's section (even though I left the web for months LOL). Oh boy I love that campus uniform <3 but the most thing I want to see is the gallery~

2. Taisho Mebiusline (LoveDelivery)

They featured on Cool-B's magazine in November issue ! GOSH GOTTA LOVE THE THREESOME ON THIS COVER <3

From left to right: Kai (blonde hair), Kyouichirou (/nosebleed), Misaki (looks like Shiki from TnC)

And... to add the excitement to the extreme, they added two new CGs on the official site:

Maybe Kyouichirou just arrived to the main place of event. Very, very, very lonely kind of face.

I think I found new love, Shigure (left guy)! I can't stop smiling seeing them together in the bath--- wait, Shigure's eyes are violet? That eyes brings him directly to top of my heart in equal position with Ayanami (07-Ghost) and Midou (Kichiku Megane)!!!

Oh yes, about the magazine. What can you see from the cover?
I saw...

Gian Carlo's Lucky Happy Life, Taisho Mebiusline, Si-Nis-Kanto, Omerta, DRAMAtical Murder, and Noli me tangere! Plus, voice cast for DRAMAtical Murder were revealed?!

...and that's it. GOD I do want this magazine!

I just watched Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi until episode 5. It was UBER CUTE. Ritsu is like a cross of Kiryuu (Omerta) and a slightly hinted of Hibari (KHR).

Well of course they are voiced by the same people, Kondo Takashi. ^^;

And what I have discovered that the anime will be having a second season! It will be aired on 8th October! And today is 6th already!

Excited to the extreeeeemeeee!!!
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