Friday, October 21, 2011

I can open a Saloon!

My hair grown long enough to be cut. My mom doesn't have much time to bring me to saloon and get a haircut. I didn't mind that since I can still bare it.

But when my hair is getting messier than I thought it would be... so I did a drastic choice.

I cut it myself. HAH! So awesome! I felt so light and fresh! So short~ But I realized that my new haircut looks so much like someone I knew very much...
My own original character named Anna o_o

Well, it couldn't be that wrong since I created her so I pretty got influenced by my own character hair design xD

After that I went to shopping complex. I went to CD shop, wondering if Uta no Prince-sama DVD is available or not. I didn't find it, but I found something interesting!:


It sounds so wrong. Who wanted to buy a CD with CG? I prefer download it on internet. Nonetheless, Nero looks hawt.

The back cover. DMC 3 DANTE?! I thought they are talking about DMC4!! I'm so confused!

In the end, I bought nothing xD


  1. I WANT THAT CD. (; - ;) /goes jump off a building. And lmao, there's CGs in the pack?! xD That's surprisingly something new.

  2. @Usagi

    I knooooow it's something new to see. I stood there for about 2 minutes looking at the CD before my mom called me back xD so shocking


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