Friday, October 14, 2011


After 4 days struggling with new styles, I. HAVE. FINALLY. FINISHED. EEEEETTTT.

From the first time I draw Yuuma/Kaito doodle, I went on drawing these guys which bring me to searching for....

"couple pose."


After I finished sketching the pose, I went to search for drawing hands, soulless eyes (that kira-kira eyes one), foldings on clothes and lastly cell shading.

This is my first attempt to draw something REALLY SERIOUS.

SO. These are the printscreen on my new styles:

a) Eyes;

Oh LIME COLOURED EYE. I never noticed it. Anyway, struggling colouring this about... 15 minutes on each eyes :P

I enjoyed so much while doing this /sparkle

b) Folds;

Well, not looking like folds or anything, just some sort of lines on the body heh. It actually looking very odd, I don't know how to do folds! I don't even took noticed on my clothes!

c) Cell shading;

Okay. This is TIRESOME. I just put the shades randomly I don't even think it'll be look good on it.

Bah, blame the lack of common sense in me.

d) Hands;

This is one hell of a weird looking hands. It doesn't look anatomically! It looked jagged for some point so I'm not sure.



Seriously, Kaito's head + hair looks damn odd! I don't know how to fix it! o[]o And yeah, Yuuma's legs are skinnier than I thought plus his butt are the one I LOLed so much xD

/smacked by tonfa

Nonetheless, I enjoy drawing this. That's important.


"No... not in the public area! People are looking at us!"
"... then we shall wait till the sky is dark."

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