Thursday, October 27, 2011

When you play a quite number of visual novels...

You also want to make them. That happens to me! I'm making a visual novel! /dance

Now, I'm still brainstorming about the main idea of the story. Is it will be a parody? How about a mystery? Do I want to do slightly romance? Or just a slice of life?

How about you viewers? Do you have any ideas to share? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

I think I'm going to do detective/mystery type since I read Detective Conan's manga several days ago so I'm hooked with the theme. But how will the mystery will be? I'll left that away first.

I think I should download mystery games... you know, to get a strong grab about the mystery and stuff to note about.

'How thoughtful. You know... you should do like that in your study. Finding a fun stuff to get strong grab about it.'

"... Don't ever think about it."

Now I'm downloading Gian Carlo's LUCKY HAPPY LIFE game. Thanks for sharing Aarinfantasy members! But I'm still thinking about how to create a new hook to Noli me tangere and Lucky Dog 1 since I can't hook texts to ITH. D:

I want to play the games badly! The art is so worthy to drool on!


  1. Make with renpy? ;3

    I don't think there's much mystery visual novels out there, all of them needs to be purchased. >: Make it BL!! >B)

    Why don't you use AGTH? o:

  2. @Usagi

    Yup, trying to do something with it :D

    Maybe because the art is gorgeous so the artist wanted to make some profit with it u_u

    Gosh I can't do BL, I suck at boys/men design or I'm the one who ended up laughing at it! @_@

    I tried it already, but the texts isn't hooking at all I don't know what to do anymore T___T

  3. @Amani
    I think it's because they're trying to make a living of it. (x _ x);;

    Well there's always trying to recruit someone...or you can use your time trying to work out renpy and write the script, then another time practicing how to draw? c:

    Uwaahhh! D: Is it compatible with AGTH anyway?

  4. @Usagi

    eh, even I would do the same if my games turn out to be interesting/pretty ^^;

    I can work out with the script, but the drawing...? Maybe next time haha.

    I don't know what's wrong with it. When I use ITH, the text doesn't hook, but with AGTH, the text come out single kanji character or something like that. Do you already play the games that I had mention above?

  5. @Amani R
    I guess I would too. I mean if everybody approves of it, who wouldn't grab the chance to earn extra pocket money? >D

    No, I haven't. I was planning to play them after my finals though and I have never used AGTH/ITH before because I don't know how to hook them. D: Maybe you can check out the link of the site I gave you in the other post. I think they have instructions on teaching you how to hook with those games!

  6. @Usagi
    That's the point! Oooh I do wish I can draw something that makes people to awe at, need more practicing at art ~_~

    You still haven't finished your finals yet? God I was glad I finished them early so no more stress~ <D

    Okay then I shall check it while I'm online


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