Saturday, November 19, 2011

My heart almost pop out from my chest

My family and I were searching for a kitchen hood and hob. We entered a Panasonic shop or something I don't care about. Then we saw a smart TV. Oh boy the size were enormous. We got a chance to surf up the internet with it while my parent were looking for what they were searching.

On Google, my brother in law type up my sister's name in the search box, then came out her Facebook picture. We had a good laugh with it. Then he type a name. My name.

Then we saw no picture about me. Thank god I don't upload my personal pictures in Facebook. He then click on a website link. And guess what?

My blog. It appeared. IT APPEARED ON THE NET AT THIRD LINK. o___O

I got nervous. Thank god it was not about BL post or something. /phew It was about my school or something.

I currently trying to translate Shukan Soine volume 1. Right now I stop dead at track 4. All the words are toughie to me. All of my Japanese dictionaries spread around my laptop. Now I should continue translate the track after I finish download DAISUKE! drama CD.

P.S I want to change my blog layout. How about.... purple colour?
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