Sunday, November 6, 2011

Now I feel very tired.

My sprites that I have been working on it since November 3rd 2011. God I feel so sleepy. Guess this is what I called 'the best try I ever draw'.

Meet Reese. He's the main character for my W.I.P visual novel. I'm going to choose 'The Golden Fleece' as the title.


Everyone knows that the Golden Fleece is from the Greek mythology. The ram becomes the constellation of Aries. The main character is an Aries. The writer (that's me) is also an Aries. So yeah.

On top of that, since I've been reading Kaoru's Cake House comic, (awesome female mangaka form Malaysia yo) I want to do bakery shop-themed visual novel! And I'm going to name the shop 'The Golden Fleece'!

Heck yeah!

... Lame idea is lame :/

The plot? Well I'm still thinking about it. But it'll start when Reese is looking for a job to have extra money, since his parents are leaving him alone or so, when he sees a advertisement (do I spelt it right?) about a recently opened bakery shop.

And that's about it. I can't elaborate it more.

Speaking of visual novel, DMMd main character Aoba has given a voice sample!

Still I don't know who the heck is 嘉神 塁, but after a wild research (and lots of guessing), I found out that he's 私市淳 a.k.a Kisaichi Jun, Rokuntanda’s friend in Marmalade Boy anime.

Aoba's voice is so cute! I love it when he said "Aren't you eating that? It's delicious, Granma's donuts." Can I make it as my message tones? :D

That pink haired lady at Aoba's back is his granmother. Grumpy granma is grumpy~

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA KOUJAKU'S SO HAWT! My heart is taken! Back off you pink dressed lady at the back!


  1. I think The Golden Fleece is a nice name. |D;;

    D'aww Aoba's granny looked funny actually, especially with that hairstyle. xD AND YES KOUJAKU IS HOOOOOTTT. He's my main target in DMMD!

  2. @Usagi

    Thanks |D

    I wouldn't ever imagine my granma with that hairstyle XDDD it'll looks funny!

    I'm still hoping that Nitro+CHiRAL would give Koujaku's voice samples a little bit faster because from what I know, Koujaku'll be voiced by Takahashi Hiroki (and yes, hawt voice <33)

  3. @Amani R
    HIROKI TAKAHASHI? The one who voiced Japan from Hetalia?! xDD Omg that'll be so awesome.

  4. @Usagi Yeah that cute little Japan. I have high hopes to him. I'm wondering if he would be using Japan's voice in Koujaku


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