Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh? New background? New character also?!

What is this I don't even---


To tell you the truth I got bored with the green layout. Then BAAAAM! New background has been produced!I actually do nothing, I mix up two background design and with a bit of colour, it become like what you are seeing now.

And I thought: how plain. -_- So I decide to put my OC together. There they are~

New one:
Name: Kae (pronounce as k in kite and ae in grey)
Date of birth:
20th November (it's today! o_o)
Appearance: Suppose to be in middle 20s
To play pocky game (/shot dead), yam flavored pudding, sleeveless shirt
Dislikes: Anyone who touches his ahoge, tell a story

Name: Eri (pronounce as airy in hairy o_o)
Date of birth: 1st July
Between 16 to 20 years old
Likes: Running around, cause unnecessary drama, makes people happy
Thunder, being alone
She is one happy-go-lucky girl, that's all

I-I do a bio for my OC?

When they looks kind of cute being together, I couldn't stop cropping the picture and make it as my blog banner. Taadaah!

Harmony stands for the colour green meaning and Mystery stands for the colour purple. Both combination creates: ME.


1 comment:

  1. Kae x Eri. xD D'aww I think it'll be a lot cuter if it's BL LOL /shot. But they're both cute. ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ ~♪


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