Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Say NO to Seksualiti Merdeka!

Read here if you want to know what is Seksualiti Merdeka.


Finished? Then by now you already understand what the heck they are trying to talk about. They want a right being a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or more 'sexual' type they are referring to at Malaysia. And they are going to do a festival about it.

PFFFFFF. Like I care a damn about it.

Seriously, this is MALAYSIA GUYS. We have lots of religions and beliefs practiced at here, country of Malaysia. And for those who are straight (normal, I shall say) CANNOT ACCEPT this concept.

I do believe that some people are attracted to the same gender, but IT'S ALL MATTER OF MIND PEEPS. Minds could be tricky.

By the way, peeps, this is the REAL WORLD REAL LIFE. No one would accept this insanity.

I only support BL in internet life. It's the voice actors that makes me support it. Heck, the voice actors is the REAL KAKKOI OTOKO.


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