Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shukan Soine CD Series Volume 1: Kakeru a.k.a I Made a Mistake

I made a mistake. >////< Oh how embarrassing!

Last night while I was colouring my 6 Kondou Takashi characters, I was downloading Shukan Soine Volume 1. The seiyuu was Hirakawa Daisuke. After I finished downloading it, I went to sleep, didn't had a chance to listen to the CD yet. I thought I should transfer the files to my phone and listen to it while I follow my family to town.

Oh how wrong I was.

In the morning, I quickly transferred the files and listened to it through the whole car ride. At first I was okay, Hirarin sounded so sexy in this so I couldn't stop smiling. My sister noticed this and asked me what I was listening to.

"Oh... it's a parody. It's so funny I couldn't stop smiling while listening to this ^^"
"Hmmm..... okay then. You should stop smiling, you looks awkward smiling alone =_=''

When I reached track 5, Hirarin then showering the listener with kisses and sweet stuff. I, being a fangirl, went "KYAAAAA". My sister, who saw this, told me something that I wasn't expected.

"Hey, why your face turned red? Were you hot or something?"

I stunned.


"I-it's nothing... haha. Maybe the sun is reflecting red light or something...."
"Perhaps.. But this is in the middle of the afternoon. The sky should be blue, not red..."


I said nothing then.

Haha, I shouldn't listened to the tracks while with my family.


  1. LOL omg otome CDs, I love otome CDs. ♥ ♥ ♥ Especially when you can imagine yourself being with the seiyuus you love. Ahh, I haven't listen to Shunkan Soine yet, but you're tempting me to~!

  2. @Usagi

    I recently have been falling in love with otome CDs :D

    Shukan Soine is great in my opinion! Besides, they are using dummy head mic, so when the seiyuu talks to the dummy at right ear, you could feel the tingling feeling to your right ear also! /giggle

    I recommend you to listen to Volume 6: Toriumi Kousuke. At first track, he blows wind to our right ear, which is enough to make me squeal on that time <333


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