Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shukan Soine CD Series Volume 1: Kakeru a.k.a I Made a Mistake

I made a mistake. >////< Oh how embarrassing!

Last night while I was colouring my 6 Kondou Takashi characters, I was downloading Shukan Soine Volume 1. The seiyuu was Hirakawa Daisuke. After I finished downloading it, I went to sleep, didn't had a chance to listen to the CD yet. I thought I should transfer the files to my phone and listen to it while I follow my family to town.

Oh how wrong I was.

In the morning, I quickly transferred the files and listened to it through the whole car ride. At first I was okay, Hirarin sounded so sexy in this so I couldn't stop smiling. My sister noticed this and asked me what I was listening to.

"Oh... it's a parody. It's so funny I couldn't stop smiling while listening to this ^^"
"Hmmm..... okay then. You should stop smiling, you looks awkward smiling alone =_=''

When I reached track 5, Hirarin then showering the listener with kisses and sweet stuff. I, being a fangirl, went "KYAAAAA". My sister, who saw this, told me something that I wasn't expected.

"Hey, why your face turned red? Were you hot or something?"

I stunned.


"I-it's nothing... haha. Maybe the sun is reflecting red light or something...."
"Perhaps.. But this is in the middle of the afternoon. The sky should be blue, not red..."


I said nothing then.

Haha, I shouldn't listened to the tracks while with my family.
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