Thursday, November 3, 2011


Cancel a format. A Hetalia fan doujin game. But doesn't have any downloads available on internet.


Lucky Dog 1. Niece always enters my room without any permission. DEFINITELY NOT SAFE FOR PLAYING.


Additional Mathematics. I failed. FTW.


Mom. Can I have a week of holiday because school nowadays is boring as hell? No? Then FFFFFF.


Visual novel. Yeah I think I'll go for a BL theme teeheee wondered how should I draw them] Do you have any interesting plot?


  1. I'll probably fail Add Maths too. :'c I WANNA PLAY CANCEL A FORMAT SO BADLY. (TT A TT)

    For plot, how about something that seems ordinary but it turns out to be a really twisted story? :'D

  2. @Usagi

    Me too! The sprites look like the original artist's style /drool

    Twisted plot? The game's plot that really twisted up I had played was Sweet Pool till I don't understand what they were talking about @_@

  3. @Amani R
    Ahh well, how about a story about a normal life? Something that makes people think it's just an ordinary romance story but when they play it, lots of twisted drama and unexpected things! xD

  4. @Usagi

    Hmmmmm... let see what I can do with that..

  5. Well if you really want to play this has a download for it. And not too many people are willing to translate it to English unfortunately. =(

    1. Ooooh thank you for thisssss. Well I don't mind playing it in Japanese, I'm just hoping for ITH hooks texts from it


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