Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DMmd Mizuki got his voice!

I'm so late!! Finally I got a chance to listen to his sample voice ^^;; My first expression? He sounds like Ryouichi from STEAL! And who is Shou Takashi?

Aoba has a genki voice, Koujaku got a slang or sort, Noize with I-wanna-rape-you voice, Mink with his hoarse voice, and Clear unexpectedly KAWAIII.

And guess what I saw from Ponytale?

There! Did you see it!? IT'S CLEAR WITHOUT A MASK! From a glance of it I guess he is quite handsome~

Only one week before I get my laptop back from manufacturer... I miss my BL stuff... T^T


  1. can I know where is the sample voice? T^T I want Aoba T^T

    1. You can go to the DMMd official site at N+C website, here:


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