Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm bored~ I'm tired~

The internet connection is very slow since my house members used the given quota of the P1~ While they were just surfing the internet, I was downloading heavy drama CDs~ No wonder that the quota was finished~

Even though the connection is very slow, I manage to download a few drama CDs like Shukan Soine vol. 9 and Kannou Jikan. But just imagined how long I should wait for these to finish--- it seems FOREVER!

I use the time to watch Earl and Fairy. Gosh Midorikawa Hikaru!!! Gosh the ED!!! /nosebleed. I love Raven the most because of his green eyes, dark skin, Sebastian like, short, cross dress at episode 9, his :| face alskjoyoafkjkj!!!

Still have time like 2 hours more to finish download Kannou Jikan 6, so I did a drawing of Raven in a cross dress.

Enjoy drawing that hair piece and rose at his chest and also his hair. That smile isn't intend. He's suppose to be like :| 24/7 but then my mom asks me to change 'her' facial because it looks sad. She doesn't even know that 'she' is suppose to be 'he'.

Holidays seems to be moving faster than usual too. I'm scared, worried, horrified.


  1. EARL AND FAIRY! ♥ ♥ I love Raven the most too. And the ending theme, full of naked guys. 8D /pervy smile. I love Edgar x Lydia so much. (> w <)

    Cuuute drawing of Raven. xD I wish he'd at least smile longer than two minutes in the anime. Oh! Are you confirmed going to CF? It's around this weekend~ o:

  2. @Usagi
    Yeah that naked guys >///< I went asfhafajkasdj when watched that. even my sister was surprised what she just saw ._.''

    I don't think I could go. We are going to start moving out on saturday. wish i had more time.. T_T


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