Monday, December 19, 2011

Kannou Jikan 7 news. (Hituzigumo really drain our lives)

Yeah! Kannou Jikan series continues! This time they bring HIRAKAWA DAISUKE !!! Sorry, I got pretty excited when it comes to Hirakawa Daisuke ^^;

Full title is 感応時間7 ~春の賛歌と神隠しの岩屋~ and when it translated it will be something like "Sensual Time 7 ~Spirited participation and cave of the spring~".

The cover:
Woah! Looks like Sephiroth with a cross of Squalo! I like! <3 I bet that he will use his kichiku voice from Kichiku Megane ^o^/

Plan to be release is March 2nd 2012. I can't wait this to be release!

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