Saturday, December 10, 2011

Who noticed this little detail?

I just realised that Shukan Soine CD series sizes are getting smaller. Seriously, i noticed when volume 9 finished quite quickly than the rest. So i just do a quick check on each files' contents. guess what?

Volume 1 until 6, they have at least 4 or more files above 10 mb. and the heaviest volume is volume 1, Kakeru a.k.a hirakawa daisuke!!!! No wonder, even his free talk is long.

Volume 7 until the latest one, that is volume 10, have just one files that above 10 mb. Heck, only volume 8 has more that one file above 10 mb.

Are they changed the script writer? I don't know about that. Maybe this is only what I felt about these series...

By the way, I'm making this post by phone haha.

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