Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yumoriseki (Healing Stones) Drama CD: First time knowing

Iyayayayaya... a healing drama CD I guess by the look of the name. Official site is here. Maybe I got attracted because they had Hirakawa Daisuke, Yusa Kouji and Ishida Akira in the series I don't know haha.

The story behind: (based on Google Translate)

The motif of hidden power stone healing power, healing CD "Healing stone."
10 people are full of personality spirits dwell in natural stone and it appeared one after the pair.

Do not miss the bonus CD recorded the dialogue between the characters and episodes free
talk voice!
Purchased the entire series is 5 volumes "support strap Misanga Chakra" for free (limited time).

"support strap Misanga Chakra" is the original item that appear in natural stone for inside work.

Overview »« Stories

Between stands quietly in a quiet residential area, an antique shop on Hotels.

Quiet store, even a quiet corner, are arranged rustic natural stone.

It is with a secret, Power Stone was really special ....

You have been chosen as a partner in the Spirit dwells in the human world of natural stone, wake up from sleep at night,
will spend the day together.
Your comfort, tired of working, encouragement, and the bittersweet days spirits heal, please enjoy to your heart.

Seems pretty catchy. Healing stone spirits choose us and spend time together? Absolute gorgeous.

^ these is the cover for Volume 4 where Yusa Kouji is the right side while Miyata Kouki on the left side. Nice artwork! <3

Tomorrow my sister will teach me additional math. Goodbye my drama CD~


  1. @UsagiOverall it's seriously funny! I especailly love volume 2 Hirakawa and Irino Miyu's free talk because when they talk about cats, Hirakawa said "Enough of it!" because he's imagines the cats' sleeping face and went fangirl about it xDDD


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