Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aroma na Kareshi & Toriai Kyoudai continues!

I really annoyed with Animamundi. When I reached Demon in the Church chapter and then shut down my computer for a break, and when I opened it again, POOF! The saved data was GONE! Disappear! ARGH. I rached quite far for one day and now this shit happened?! Grrrr.

So! Much for being a stalker, I got two new things!

Aroma na Kareshi volume two! It features Konishi Katsuyuki with Ylang-ylang (or kenanga I always call)!

I care nothing, except the character design, soooooo kakkoiiii.

EDIT February 26th: Yay for character design! Big brother looks ikemen while young brother looks kjahsdjsngfuchms cute.

Then, Toriai Kyoudai volume two! It feature Konishi Katsuyuki (again!) as a serious brother and Kaji Yuki as a free-spirited young brother.

No character design were posted so we shall wait~ And yeah, dummy head mic will be use at here too!

Well, I shall finish playing Animamundi TODAY! FULL STOP.


  1. You seems to play lots of Japanese BL games. Where do you download them? Your Japanese language must be pretty good.

    1. My Japanese isn't good AT ALL. Well at least I got the gist of the content and that's it. I'm easily attracted to character designs and the seiyuu behind the game so I must play it :D

      I founded the games at (where you have to join the site) at here: and some Russian website at here:


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