Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aroma na Kareshi & Toriai Kyoudai continues!

I really annoyed with Animamundi. When I reached Demon in the Church chapter and then shut down my computer for a break, and when I opened it again, POOF! The saved data was GONE! Disappear! ARGH. I rached quite far for one day and now this shit happened?! Grrrr.

So! Much for being a stalker, I got two new things!

Aroma na Kareshi volume two! It features Konishi Katsuyuki with Ylang-ylang (or kenanga I always call)!

I care nothing, except the character design, soooooo kakkoiiii.

EDIT February 26th: Yay for character design! Big brother looks ikemen while young brother looks kjahsdjsngfuchms cute.

Then, Toriai Kyoudai volume two! It feature Konishi Katsuyuki (again!) as a serious brother and Kaji Yuki as a free-spirited young brother.

No character design were posted so we shall wait~ And yeah, dummy head mic will be use at here too!

Well, I shall finish playing Animamundi TODAY! FULL STOP.
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