Sunday, February 26, 2012

I played the trial version of Gian no Tame nara Sekai wo Kowasu

Finally I manage to play the trial version of the game! Now this is the sneak preview:

Hot ikemen with uniform is hot.

Their reaction when the old guy (I don't know, who is that?) says that Gian is kidnapped.

".... A cannon?"


"Damn, what to do... This is bad.... if this continue... I'll die..."

No worry! Your darlings will come and help you!

In the trial version, you get to play two characters, Bernardo (green hair) and Luchino (red hair. I thought it was pink in color? Oh well)

Just like Angry Bird game! So effingly cute!

How to play and shoot.

See that green hair? It's Bernardo :3

Finishes the first level, Bernardo went "WHERE IS GIAN LEAHFIWEHFJL!?" and suddenly here comes the bad guys tells that Gian isn't here.

So, Bernardo decides to shot/kill/throw into the sea? the bad guys. And you can hear shooting moment.

Next is Luchino!

"Gian is at New York City right now?!"

Playing human cannon at the streets xD

So, if you get 90% and above, the world is safe. But if you get lower than that, the world starts to crack and eventually goes BOOM!

After playing this I really can't wait for the full release of the game!

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