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Miracle No-ton (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Wow finally. I finished playing this game about 2 weeks. If I hadn't so much school activities I would finish playing this about a week and a half. Well, I don't care. Now it's time for the walkthrough!


The protagonist of the story is a simple boy named Ogata Akira, gets a thin notebook. It would seem, nothing special, but ... the book is nothing simple, but a living - it walks, and speaks, and actively reaches into the personal life of our hero. The question is: what to write in a notebook, and - most important- who? After Noton from the beginning said that it was created specifically to hold someone's love life and can fulfill any wishes, even the most daring fantasies ever imagine by owner.



You are playing as Ogata Akira (voiced by Fukushima Jun), who found a pervert creature notebook, named No-ton (how creative xD). You'll be playing for 21 endings for each character; 6 endings for Kouki, 6 for Seiji, 7 for Masaomi and 2 for neutral.

Ending types? I'm not so sure about this. But if there's a credit rolling, then you just played a happy ending. If they just show you the number of ending, then I don't know what to name this ending ^^;


In the game, you have to go to somewhere, in order to find sex toys err I mean interesting stuff.

Top to bottom: Living room, school, park, grocery and convenience store.

Each place have 2 items to be choose throughout the gameplay. But remember, the item must be corresponding to the character you are chasing to. But don't worry, I listed out the items and the characters:

Park: string, vibrator
Convenience store: marker, camera
Grocery: brush, pearl
School: honey, aphrodisiac
Living room: clothes clip, candle

Kouki: string, clothes clip, candle
Seiji: brush, honey, vibrator, aphrodisiac
Masaomi: marker, pearl, camera

This is so much easier to sort out the items to be chosen, right?


As usual, unlocked the BGM, CG, scenes. Wait, the scenes are divided to two part. WTH is that? Well, I'm afraid I don't even know about it too. So I assume that the pink section goes to the what Akira wrote H-stuff to No-ton while the blue section is the results.

Now it's time for the walkthrough!!!


Ogata Kouki (voiced by Takeuchi Ken)

Akira's brother who is genius, kind, have cute girlfriend and a total sadistic rapist on the bed. Don't be fool by his face :D Have 6 endings, I happy ending and I don't know the rest.

Top, living room, park, top, down, living room
END NO 1- kouki ditched his girlfriend and live together with kouki

Top, living room, park, top, down, park
END NO 2- kouki gets married, but every 2 months after that he comes to akira and did ‘that’

Top, living room, park, top, up, living room
END NO 3- kouki gets married and have children while akira has nothing

Top, living room, park, top, up, grocery, convenience store
END NO 4- Kouki forces Akira to do exposure stuff in public

Top, park, grocery, living room
END NO 5- akira turns sadistic to his own brother and bullies him every day

Top, living room, grocery, park
END NO 17- akira got raped, and kouki got raped and go into mindless zone [or perhaps died]

Shimamura Seiji (voiced by Hagi Michihiko)

Akira's osananajimi. D'awwww I love osananajimi settings teehee. Overly energetic and happy-go-lucky person who loves Akira since they were small. Have 6 endings.

Middle, grocery, living room, middle, down, school
END NO 6- marries seiji and lives happily ever after

Middle, grocery, living room, middle, down, grocery
END NO 7- seiji run away from home, and meet akira occasionally

Middle, grocery, living room, middle, up, park
END NO 8- err well akira becomes addicted to vibrator

Middle, school, living room, middle, school
END NO 9- seiji is doing SM stuff to akira

Middle, school, grocery, convenience store
END NO 10- akira got raped, hurts seiji and no BFF relation

Middle, school, grocery, park
END NO 18- akira got raped, and then seiji got raped by them [and probably died]

Saitou Masaomi (voiced by Sasanuma Akira)

MY BOYFRIEND. Kidding. Akira's badass BFF at school and work part-time gigolo. Have 7 endings.

Bottom, convenience store, convenience store, bottom, down, grocery
END NO 11- have fun and be together with masaomi

Bottom, convenience store, convenience store, bottom, down, convenience store
END NO 12- jun falls in love with akira, masaomi jealous, and both of them argues who is akira’s lover for 5 years

Bottom, convenience store, convenience store, bottom, up, grocery
END NO 13- akira enjoys been violated by sex toys

Bottom, convenience store, convenience store, bottom, up, convenience store
END NO 14- masaomi becomes a cameraman while akira becomes the star

Bottom, convenience store, convenience store, bottom, up, school
END NO 15- masaomi deserve better than this aaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Bottom, school, grocery, school
END NO 16- akira got raped and rapes masaomi

Bottom, school, grocery, park
END NO 19- akira got raped and masaomi killed the guys who raped akira and sent to jail

Neutral endings

This is what I called the mundane ending and LOLWTF part xD

Bottom, school, grocery, convenience store [masaomi]
Middle, school, grocery, grocery [seiji]
Top, living room, grocery, school [kouki]
END NO 20- akira got raped, but continue to live on

Top, living room, living room, top, park [kouki]
Bottom, park, convenience store, bottom, convenience store [masaomi]
Middle, convenience store, school, middle, school [seiji]
END NO 21- well, kouki wears apron, masaomi wears nurse dress and seiji wear bunny suit xD


"You don't need to collect balls or did dancing ritual. How is it?"

Dragon Ball reference xDDD

"You don't know how to do that, right? Then, I'll teach you."

What a kind brother... wait are you blushing?! lkanfdewfhbjksld,!!!

"What a lovely pant voice, Akira."

Pfffffff No-ton maji kawaiiiii!!

"Ehhh? What's that? Naked man in apron?!"

No-ton doesn't approve that. He even said that what's so fun about it xDD

"T-then, should I be going?"


"Finally you have woke up the M side of yours~"

Yeah, Akira is a true do-M character. 

"Which one do you prefer? To be burn or cut by scissors?"

Threatening the cute notebook lol.

"I'm looking for a thing to torture~"

Said that with that kind of face? Pffffffff--


"It's the aura. Aura of a person isn't virgin anymore..."

/splurge soda

"What? Akira is cuter!"

No-ton is showing his interest towards Akira...? /wink

"I'll forgive you if you lick Akira-kun's ear."

I am so jealous of Masaomi's sister :I

"Both of them are getting inside the hotel! I'm getting excited-!"

Seriously, No-ton?

Akira describing Jun (the gigolo) looks like No-ton if No-ton turns in the human form.



"I also want to make love! I love you--- Akira!"


"I don't want to make 3P with you!"

I do want to see that please.

A mother who didn't realise that her older son is jkdfhkjsdfkskdfjdf-ing her younger son in dinner time. It's pretty obvious pffffffff.

"You want to try it quickly?"

After No-ton found the vibrator, Akira quickly wants to go home (he's shy, that's all) but misunderstood by No-ton.

"If it isn't hurt, then it's not SM anymore..."

Yeah, YOU'RE the expert.

The girls: "It's our hobby (in dressing boys in nurse outfit)!!!"


"It looks interesting!"
"Right? I really want to see it!!"

Akira-No-ton's accomplice for making Seiji wear a bunny suit.

After I finished playing it I still don't get ^ scene. Anyone have an idea about how to fix this?

Alright! Now I want to start playing the sequel. It has No-ton human version!!!!
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