Friday, March 9, 2012

More burdens more tension

I felt like I was one of the important person in the school. I mean, yeah everyone were like, "hey I choose you for something something,"

First, I joined this Thinkquest program in January 2012. And we chose cupping therapy as our project. How time flew. We didn't even did our first page! And the deadline is in April!

Then, my English teacher chose me for the English debate. I just knew it yesterday. And the competition day is on 31st March! And I don't know the text!

Besides, I'm also the librarian's treasurer and the bulletin maker. I had to collect money before Teacher's Day AND finished making bulletin!

Not just that, my friends wanted me to join this Hari Pengguna Malaysia's competition. She wanted me to collaborate with her in blog section. That's okay, until she said that she only interested in MAKING the decorations of the blog, NOT the content. That mean I have to create the content ALONE?

Huh, I don't know what to react or to say. Now I feel like I want to play Sweet Pool again. For the sake of crying the pain out of me.
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