Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bandung Trip with LOVE- Day 1

Hello! I'm going to post my journey in Bandung! [7th April 2012]

A trip to Bandung, Indonesia. What a rare opportunity for me in this young age to go oversea with my friends? I couldn't express my feeling to my Principal of course for giving me a chance in a lifetime.

 After checking all the stuff at school, we went to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) by bus and waited to check in and throw our luggage into the flight.

 ^ me and my friends, waiting to push the trolley into the counter area

While waiting for it, me and my friends who as excited as me, took a picture with our passport.

 ^ me and two girl friends

 After checked in, and a few toilet trip, we went through the immigration area. While I cross the bar, it went 'BIP'. Gosh how embarrassing, I forgot to put away my hand phone to the bucket ///_/// But everything is fine after that.

  ^ me posing with the flight, both with excited and scared face

It's time to have a seat in the flight. I had a seat at rear area whattheheck but I don't mind since there's my friends who seat next to me. The journey took about 2 hours and 30 minutes. It doesn't feel too long since I had a good night sleep. ^^

 Arrived at Bandung Airport. Woah I felt a sudden tiredness when I stand up and my neck hurts a lot. And we were greeted by Ibu Heli Setiawati, our guide.

^ Ibu Heli, look at the digital clock, it's 1 in the morning! (btw, Indonesia is 1 hour late than Malaysia)

She took us a quick ride to the place. But before went to our hotel, she suggested us to take a bite of Jagung Bakar of Waroeng Doel. It contains sweet, salty, sour and spicy to the food. On top of that, they even put cheddar. LOTS OF IT.

 ^ the jagung bakar. ME LIKE IT.

 After that they served us slices of bread and smoked banana. WITH CONDENSED MILK AND MORE CHEDDAR.

Not long after that, they were a child who sang for us. He needs money. We just kept our mouth shut. And then there's another group of KAKKOI OTOKOs and they sang GREAT. We requested lots of songs and they didn't mind to sing for us.

^ the kakkoi otoko and us (they look cooler than the picture)

Enough of food and stuff, it's time to sleep. I never realized that I was sooooo tired that I quickly drove to the bed and slept :/

^ the hotel that is not so hotel, Samudera Hotel

That's for day 1. Bye bye~
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