Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bandung Trip with LOVE- Day 2

 So! The second day is Sunday, so today is casual activities! [8th April 2012]

But first, let us had our breakfast in the hotel, bread. Okay I guess. But we still hungry. But we were so lucky that Ibu Heli made us a nasi kuning (looks like nasi lemak, but the rice is yellow in colour). Tasty!

^ Ibu Heli and us (and don't forget, the nasi kuning)

 The next stop is PASAR BARU! Woah shopping time!!! We took a picture at the entrance.

^ don't remind me that there are loads of people around us

 Inside.... so MANY PEOPLE!!! I nearly forgot that that day is Sunday so people are shopping their needs. Oh well.

 ^ someone took a picture while on the escalator

I don't think that is necessary to describe the inside. People, shops, people, shops, sellers. /_\

Skipping that part! We went to Saung Angklung Udjo! I got a chance to touch and play the angklung! Ahh~~ that has made my life! I always wanted to play it with my own hand~

 Did you know that RTM  crew joined us? They wanted to make the whole Bandung trip as one of their show, Persada Journal. So we got a chance to be in TV!!!

 ^ recording for the show

We were hungry. Like piranhas! So the next stop is Nasi Kalong! If I remember, kalong means a bat (not the baseball bat, the animal one). So the restaurant only opened in the night until 3 a.m.

^ "We are going to eat Batman rice!" Oh so cute.

The stomach is full, so it's time to sleep! We bid a goodbye to Kak Mayang, Abang Herlan and Kak Sari (okay I think i got their names wrong -_-||)

^ bye bye!

Finished day 2 :D
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