Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bandung Trip with LOVE- Day 3

 At last, the official event! [9th April 2012]

We went to SMPN 13 for the Thinkquest project!!! We had to wear our corporate clothes which I designed with Nabilah, but then to make thing worse, I forgot to bring mine! T___T So I had to wear the Thinkquest shirt.

 ^ me and Idayu

So after having breakfast, we made our walk to the rented bus.

^ red, red, red and a sudden white 

We arrived at the school about 8 a.m. Since the school is having a exam and they will have a free time after 11 a.m and above, so we window shopping at the Cihampelas Road.

While window shopping, one of the teachers from Jelai called me and raised up one red clothes. It looks similarly to the corporate clothes! So I bought it and changed quickly. No more strange colour!

^ my friend, Amira, choose a shirt for her sister. I look fabulous with that replacement clothes ;D

It's finally 11 a.m. So we made a walk to the entrance gate, and I saw people lining up and make a road. And they wore the co-curriculum clothes. They were welcoming us! How great!

^ I wonder if the brown clothes is a Scout...

 After the lengthy talk from the principals, they presented us a Jaipong dance. The dancer is sooooo pretty!!!
 ^ lucky shot. She looks fab!

And then we had a photo with the SMPN 13 students while holding our school banner.

^ peace no war :D

 He comes the moment of truth! A Thinkquest brainstorming!!! Ibu Heli made 3 groups consist of us and SMPN 13 students. My group discussed about healthy food VS unhealthy food. But turn out to be a food talk xDD

So far so good. We presented our discussion with lots of laugh (because we don't prepared, haha). Suddenly one of us wants to make a presentation. Luckily we practiced before we came here so no trouble.

 ^ we sang "Standing in the Eyes of the World" by Ella. I surprisingly memorized the lyrics >w>

 After that we had our dinner at Cihampelas Mall or Mall Ciwalk. 8 of us went to find our own food (because who wants to eat satay anymore?) but I don't remember the shop's name.

^ we sat outside

 And I ordered a bottled tea! Sosro or whatever.

 ^ Ismail, could you please step out from my camera?

We fall asleep as we reached our room. That's for day 3~

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