Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bandung Trip with LOVE- Day 4

 A visit to SMA 3! [10th April 2012]

The truth is I don't quite get why we were visiting to this school. Perhaps it's because of their co-curricular activities?

 ^ I nearly slept and letting go my camera ///

 After that we had a walk to one of the classes. I don't remember which class we went, but on that time they were learning Chemistry.

 ^ and their writing board is made of GLASS

 They can bring hand phone/ MP3/ etc into the class!!! How awesome is that? So I joked to out Principal about it. He make a don't-care face haha. The RTM guys wants us to go and shake hands with the students. ALL OF THEM. Gaaaaaah I flustered all the time when I show my hands to the guys and shake hand with them ////

 ^ the student who as same age as us but they look MATURE than us ;w;

 ^ snap pictures of their entrance door

 Then we went to Rumah Zakat and Pesantren Agym.

 ^ hungry face is hungry

 We had our dinner in Kampung Daun!!! Just like the name, the place is full with leaves!!! And it's kind of chilly/cold too!

 ^ taking picture before the big feast

We had fun at there. ^^ That's for day 4~
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