Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bandung Trip with LOVE- Day 5

As known as the last day of Bandung. [11th April 2012]

 This time we made our decision to wear "I LOVE BANDUNG" shirt. But the boys didn't wear it because it doesn't fit to their body.

 ^ last picture in the room

 We get to visit Tangkuban Perahu!!! And firstly I smelt sulfur >_< The weather is cool and windy so me like it so much.

^ since the road is small so we ride a van

^ took a picture with our principal's family

 ^ take a picture at the gate (har har odd sense of style)

 ^ "Look up!!" Oh the youth.

And the next thing I knew, I had to recite a poem for RTM!!!

 ^ I had to knees while reading my poem. So odd, so odd...

 By the time we want to went back to our van, the sky filled with fog~ (oh Mukuro why came late?)

^ it looks great

 Came out that we're the first one who came down early!! So while waiting for the rest of the group, we took another picture.

^ seriously, I don't remember taking this photo

After that we went to Toko 3 and Pasar Baru again for last shopping spree. Since we're 'famous', lots of people asking for money by singing and selling their stuff.

^ these people have guts. They rode our bus!!!

Finally it's time to go to the airport again.

^ our flight is on 19:45

^ checking our luggages

TO my surprise, there was an earthquake happened at Acheh! I was sooo scared that the flight will be delay or something worse. But it turns out to be safe and sound.

We arrive at Malaysia around 23:30. We were hungry so we bought McDonald's haha. We arrived at school around 00:24. It's sooo late so all of us decided that we don't have to come school in the morning.

I forgot to mention that I almost destroyed the hotel toilet! On the first day, I broke down the toilet cover. The second day, I broke down the place for holding clothes. And the fourth day is the worst; Amira broke down the sink!!! xDDD

We are the Destroyer!!!

So that's for the whole trip to Bandung. Bye bye~


  1. What a mature face OwO sis u looks so prewthyy <3
    I cant wait to enter the Uni's lifee
    arghh SPM why u end so late...

    1. Haha you know which one is me? Oh wait...I DID wrote somewhere about it xD oh well, not a secret anymore.

      Good luck with the SPM my dear! U life isn't that great to begin with, just as similar as schools' day I guess.


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