Monday, April 30, 2012

The doll madness. I can't resist.

 DO you collect dolls? I do and my first doll collection is Barbie. But since I don't have large place to put them on display, I just let it dust in my cupboard.

 And now, my worst fear come back to reality; the ball-jointed dolls, as known as BJD.

I once spotted the BJD in some glass display in shop and I thought, "Wow this doll is very scary! I don't want to look at it!" But that just 4 years ago when I don't know anything about the dolls. Then Keith (Lawak Kampus artist) made a review about his BJD in one of his graphic novels, I got hooked.

It looks dazzling!!! *w*b

It doesn't take too long time for me to search Internet about BJD dolls, and I found one company; Dream of Doll.

Oh yeah I found two hot boys from the Dream of Idol series; Crush and Luke:

Aren't they sexy!? If I have extra money, I will get my hand to these boys first!

And I also lurking for their clothes (which make me drool ^^;)

All of the clothes are from Dream of Idol series.

 /breathless The dresses looks enchanting!!!

 Lastly I found my favourite wig:

After an hour of buckets of drool and screaming, I tried to calculate the prices of all the item on the picture I had post above.

 How much would you think? It's about USD 1422.

So, it's RM 4 500+++!!!

 I should start saving money if I want these OTL|||
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