Sunday, April 29, 2012

I went to KL International Book Fair 2012

Yeah! My top wishlist had been realized!!! I went to the book fair on 28th April 2012 with my aunt and her kid. We rode a KTM Komuter from Sungai Gadut to KL Central if I'm not wrong, for about 2 hours. Oh the pain from sitting and not moving to anywhere else as people were actually crowded. (=___=)

Then, we arrived at PWTC!!! By the time we arrived, the place weren't packed with people yet so we were quite lucky.

Long story short, I spent RM 200++ on comics and stuff heh.

So, my excavations!

COMICS! Yeah, I bought Keith's Lawak Kampus series from volume 10 to 13, Kaoru's Cinta untuk Dijual!, Zint's Under 18 Elite and Xanseviera's SNAP! and Lawak Fairy GodBrothers.

Sadly I can't find Kaoru's artwork book T___T And I got the free gifts; 2 Gempakstarz clear file and 2 paperbags which consist of Kaoru's Maid Maiden and the Gempakstarz's trademark.

I bought Kijiya's t-shirt too. Let see what it looks like...

Woah! Kijiya in one of the comic scene!

This is the paper bag I told you.

I don't totally forgot my English novel too. I found Percy Jackson's The Demigod Files, Classic Ghost Stories and Plugged.

And some small gift from Gempakstarz. A quick note or sort.

Okay, that's all for now. Bye bye~
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