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[TRANSLATION] Kannou Jikan V: Thanatos no Kyoudai

This volume. This Kannou Jikan 5: Thanatos no Kyoudai. Consumes almost of my soul. With only the eroiness. Yeah you got it, the most eroi (for me at least) volume of all the series. Well, it took me like the whole 7 days and 1 extra hour and I got stuck at the track 7. You know what it is about.

Attention: This is not an accurate translation. I just got the gist of the full content. If you spot any mistakes in my translations, please correct it. Thank you~

Saiga Mitsuki (top) as the elder brother and Yonaga Tsubasa (bottom) as the younger brother. Short form: E for elder brother and Y for younger brother.


*sound effect* (English meaning for certain Japanese word) [my thought while listening to it]

Track 1: Brothers

*wind blows**faint laughing voice* [and I swear I shiver]

E: What is this? You came out from your dream and ask for us every day. Now you’re here.
Y: I too already forgot. But, you always thought that it was all dream. What a pity.
E: *laugh* That’s okay for that. This is our only forbidden play. When you step into this world with your feet, you’ll get lost and fall to the deep place.

Track 2: Shrine

*wind blows*

Y: Hey, we didn’t go to your house for a year, you already grown up a bit. Your hair is longer, and your feet are longer [“you become taller”, I suppose]. *laugh* I wait for you to play again, because I love you. Don’t run away. [I sense yandere] For the sake of playing with you, I wait for you long enough. Ah, that’s wrong. For the sake of playing with you, until we done, please don’t be scared. *laugh* I love to play with you. *wind blows*

Isn’t scary to be inside of the shrine? That’s right. It’s getting darker as we enter further. Hey, you won’t go home right now, right? If you want to go home, I won’t let go of this praying paper to your hand. The total of the praying papers that you want are eight. I and my elder brother have four each. After we finish playing, you’ll receive one paper. [what kind of game? Oh wait don’t tell me—] *laugh* That’s right. There’s no way that you’ll go home. You’re wishing for your feelings, the things that I can do, the things that you want. If it necessary, that kind of game when you show your leg, I like it. [woooooah my mind is corrupted] Our play is about a small tide experience, the thing that can be done one by one. *laugh* Then, elder brother, shall we start?

Track 3: Decided

E: This goldfish living place, I think about it for today’s sake. It’s the thing that will be giving out pleasure. You’re getting excited, right? Your fingernail, hair, lips, and nose… everything, everything will be mine. There’s no need to let you go. Or worse, I’ll make you mine. Right, you’re thinking about it, the heart stops cruelly at the wedging home, the life that is left under the rain with your body and soul, forever. *laugh* But until then let’s have some fun. This is the only fun. I and my younger brother with you, using the voice to do a small tide of ritual. You won’t forget this desire. *laugh* But, you don’t have to be pitiful. A pure best. [???] A thing that can’t be stolen. This game have thing to be protected. If that can’t be protected, the mountain will get on you. You have to manage to listen to the haunted princess. The ritual is a fail, the life is not in peace voice, didn’t you hear it? Here. *laugh* The glass-like fingernails looks like mad, the husky voice, the left away ears, please hear it. Just kidding. *laugh*

Then, you and me and my younger brother, the three of us will play an interesting game. We will be doing this again and again like it won’t go away. I want to bring you along every time, everyone will keep it important. Therefore, please hear it neatly and remember it. Please carve it to your body. Is it okay? First, think about difficult things in your head. Listen to our voice clearly. Then, you’ll think that your body will sink gradually, your whole body becomes hotter, and you sense that your body’s freedom is likely to be taken, and you will feel fear. That is a prove when you listen and react to our words obediently. A prove when you vibrate quickly and deeply to the game. [what the heck is that?] That’s happen when you occupy it. [occupy what?] Inside you head, your emotions change one after another. Right, you feel scared and feel glad. In hurry, give your body a freedom. Obediently going down. However, water is the only one which is free of charge. The voice goes off deeply. The feeling of being deep is what you feel. Is okay if you think it’s scary. Feels shy, gradually. *laugh* We will do it nicely and hotly. [wrong choice of word]

*laugh* Then, the wind blows away one praying paper. I’ll give it to you. This is a prove that our existence is not a dream. Hold it tightly in your hand, whatever happens please close your eyes. Then you will come to us again. Oh, in that case, one is down, seven more to go.

Track 4: Jingling bells

*laugh* [don’t listen to this laughing at night]

E: Shall we start our second game?
Y: Slowly, close your eyelid to look at it. Then, your eyelid will become heavy.
E: Whatever you go into the darkness, you only have to listen to our voice.
Y: Inside your ear, the heart will crack a mysterious voice.
E: Look, let the voice incline more to your ear. And then, to let you pull out your power, you have to use this word. [ha?]
Y: Isn’t it a beautiful bells? When you listen to it, you have to let out your power slowly.
E: The sound of the heart is carried out, your power will be stolen. Slowly, only your eyelid will be gradually becomes heavy.
Y: Your body will only feel heavy, your head will leak out of our voice. 
E: The source of whispering in the beginning is flying away, your body that is laying down will be touched. It’s thrilling, it’s getting thrilling. Right, your whole body. [o__o]
 Y: When you let out your power, it feels heavy. Your legs don’t have any power, you cannot run away.
E: Are you feeling scared? It’s okay. If you feel scared, it’s a start of feeling good. [whaaat? Is this girl a do-M?]
Y: I too have things to make it feels good. So you just have to relieve. Together, I will make you feel good.
E: Your problem and your mood is leaving, let start it now. After finally meeting you, there’s no need to let you go. So it’s okay. The sense that is getting heavy, just do it. *bells* Except your leg, when you want to raise your hand you cannot do it anymore. When you want to run riot, you cannot do it. You’re getting scared, you cannot run away.
Y: Absolutely, you don’t need to run away. Here, let out of your power more.
E: The thing is, your body is like lead, too heavy, that you cannot do it anymore. You want to go to the next part, right?
Y: I too want to play with you quick. Immediately to the ideal break up, let me play with you. Hey, faster, you just have to let go of your power faster.
E: *laugh* That’s right. Right, just let go of your power faster.
Y: We want your delicate body.
E: Be more obedient.
Y: And more beautiful.
E: The heart that feels horror.
Y: Inside this good body. This is our second game.
E: The game that steals your freedom. The most important game.
Y: Slowly, slowly.
E: Your freedom is stolen.
Y: The important.
E: The important.
Y & E: Life, that is. [that means I’m dead?!]

Track 5: Falling cherry blossom

Y: Next is the third one. Hey, this time is the game of old folks’ tale. *bells* I will tell you about our last day. When I remember, it was on when we watched the sky. I remember that it was so bright. The pink flower petals fluttered when the wind blows. It was really, really beautiful. *bells* But, when the flowers falls ended, the wind seemed to be cold. It feels sad. So when the ritual ended, we looked naked, hundreds of flowers listen to us. There’s nothing that we can hear, until we unwarp it close by. You had listen to me obediently, right? *bells* 

But till then I felt scared, scared. Because I’m scared, what should I do? It shines brightly. About that, but I’m not wrong about the light. I do feel scared, but then I wait for a good thing. Let go of the power quickly, it said, don’t run away. It’s scary, but I want to know. And then it feels good. *bells* Right, now I want you to feel the same sense. *laugh* So, from now I will make it.  *bells* About feeling good, right, it’s a special moment. Inside, the shock runs wild, the power puzzled, the body twitching, it feels good, it feels good. Twitching, nice sense. *bells* So, there’s no need to feel scared. Wait for the last nice thing. There’s the best thing will be released. Hey, you wait for it, right? So I cannot release it faster. *bells* Aahh, the third one has ended. The fun moment ends quick, right? After this is elder brother’s turn.

Track 6: Candles

E: Then the fourth one. For the sake of you I prepared candles. Inside this pitch dark shrine, there’s a light up candles. Do you understand? The blowing wind shakes the candles’ flame. The reddened flame shakes. It shakes and gives out the heat to the place. Then, the wax is like you. Look, please look at the candle that is inside my hand. Melting, quickly, all of the candles form is disappearing. Your thought, like the candle, are melting. Round and round, the horror mixes. Round and round, round and round, the feeling of horror is there. It’s the same thing. The flame looks like asleep, please take a gaze at it slowly. If you feel a sense of good, the body and heart are peels off. Look, the wax is finish. The reddened flame too, quickly, quickly becomes small. The mood is painful, the head is absent, and our live too disappear. So, when the candle flame disappears, you will be like us. The melting wax and disappear. The disappearing flame and becoming like us. Now, which one is good? Gradually melting or disappears together?

Look, the flame disappears. Are you afraid? Running away is useless because feeling scared is good. Do you differ? It feels good, right? You are feeling the mood. The sweet mood. You feel scared, feels good. The expression that you did just now, it’s really, really beautiful. What should you do? I assume that I want a kiss. Look, please put out your tongue. [oh god this is it] *kiss* Put more tense to the tongue. *kiss* Stir it up. *kiss* What a good kid. You want it quick. *kiss* Ah, the horror taste delicious. This taste, I never thought it wrong. *kiss* Gradually it become good condition. Now, let’s go to the fifth one. But, after you feel me and my younger brother, on that time… *laugh* What should you do? [takes off my headphone and runs away?]

Track 7: Darkness

[errr you better listen to this track when there’s no one around or you might rolling in front of people]

Y: You don’t have to listen to elder brother. I will feel you up a lot. [sounds evil I knoooow] *kiss* Elder brother’s kisses, how is it? [go taste of your own] *kiss* Does it feels glad? Does it tasty? *kiss* If that’s what you feel, does mine feels good too? *kiss* [somebody save me from this nosebleed pool] *laugh* That’s good. From now on I will give you more and more of good feeling. For the sake of that, I’ll give you that once more. This is the fifth one. Now focus on your breathing to me. Breath in, breath out. Calm down, slower is better. Breath in, breath out. With now you calm down, you’re so calm. We’re the same, in this darkness. Breath in, breath out. But, now that you’re calm down, you feel scared. Breath in, breath out. But, after all it feels good. Breath in, breath out. I want to taste the horror more and more. Breath in, breath out. That pitiful mouth, I’ll give love to it. *kiss* [that breathing, it’s too near] *laugh*

Your lips has sweet taste. Inside your mouth, at least show to me quickly. That’s good. Look. *kiss* The kisses make sound. Obscene sound is leaking. The tongue is entering— *kiss* [o///o] *laugh* What do you think? This sound. The sound of your spit [or saliva?] is drink, the sound of your tongue is drink [or suck?], or the sound of you go lust? *kiss**laugh* What a good sound and horror it is. You’re really cute. *kiss* Forever, forever, I will give fun to you forever. I won’t be defeat by elder brother. So when you go anywhere, come here obediently. Forever, forever we will be together. I will wait for that time because I want you. Surely, even elder brother will keep you important. We won’t break you up.

Track 8: Droplet

E: *laugh* I will keep you in my hand. The sixth game. This will go more, more deeply to your hurt feeling’s taste. It will make you feel good. You will think about me, right? Look, please listen. *bells* The soft thing that you just heard, inside the shrine and under it, the sound of the droplet of water to the tile. Drip, drip. *bells* Together with this sound, it will touch your eardrum. Drip, drip. And quickly coming closer presently to you. Quickly, quickly, nearer you. *bells* Drip. Look, under your body. The body part that likely to be chill, no, to make the body part that becomes further away. [sorry I don’t understand what Saiga-san says] Your body that is already melt, I’ll accept whatever it is. Presumably the body that looks like soaking. Drip. Your cheek is getting wet, and then your body will breathe in. I will give that sense’s thought. Look. When these fingers trace it, it feels good right? Drip. The dripping water fuels the horror up, and then the pleasure will be connected. With my finger I touch your white and soft body, your body is jumpy, and I will touch the sensitive part. [@///@] Next, where is it?

Drip. The finger will forever flow, flow to your chest. I trace it with my finger and soak into it. It feels good, it feels good. The body that is getting sensitive, the body that is getting hotter, presumably sends it out. My fingers will be connected. *laugh* Just now, when I touch you, what do you feel? *laugh* You said it well, seems to come down. *bells* But, you just now are getting fear, right? Presumably you don’t know what you want to obtain it, my fingers that touch you, anything is scary. So, the last bell. *bells* Frightening. But you did it, it is over here. [what is she talking about?] You do feel the horror. That is like leaving a stain, your feeling is left hang, do you know it? Drip, drip. Presumably to touch your body, your body is jumpy, whatever I do with my finger it jumps up more. And then, that feels good. It feels good, it feels good. Where do you want? Is it your shoulder? Is it your collarbone? Is it on your beautiful breast? [this is so embarrassing] Or is it to your soft inside? Where is a good place? I’ll give it to your favorite place. Slowly, gradually. Ah, what a lewd view. *laugh*

Track 9: Ritual

Y: Looks like you’re having a good time. Elder brother touching you, it’s just annoyance.
E: By now, let’s face the ritual. In order you and I become one, a small salty taste is needed for the ritual.
Y: Mmm, and me too.
E: Then, let we become one. To the under the world of death’s blissout, this regret, lively choosing the wedge.
Y: I cannot stop to want you.
E: After this, you are mine again.
Y: There’s no taste, the best’s horror.
E: The best’s pleasure.

[Okay, wedge synonyms with cram, force, jam, pack, squeeze, stick. So did the brothers doing ‘that’ to the poor girl? Think no further or I shall be killed by these tracks]

Track 10: Wedge (with the otouto)

Y: The deep pain, the body’s consideration is understandable. My wedge understands your inside. I am impatient. I want your pain more. The look that about to cry, when you clinging to me. But, from that you are feeling good. My wedge drives into your body, the pleasure storms in pulls out. Your arrival among the killed princess scratches my ear. [whutta?] It hurts, it feels good. It feels good. The pain feels good. So, it feels good. It’s too much. Your sloppy and distorted face, it’s the best. There’s no other like you who shakes from the pleasure. Hey, which one is good? Which one feels good? My wedge which is possible to adhere or that body which trembles a lot? It feels good, right? I stick to the pain. It feels good. Look. Deeply, quickly, entering the body. It entered. It feels good. It feels good, the pain that feels pleasure, it seems. Deeply, deeply, carving into it. More deeply, more deeply. The embarrassing carving is the pain, the pleasure. The pain and pleasure carved to your sloppy body, it’s beautiful. *kiss* I want to have it, I want to eat it, the prettiest. *kiss* Let’s make it feels good. More, more. Together with me.

Track 11: Wedge (with the nii-san)

E: Let’s make it feels good together with me. It feels good. Wherever it goes it feels good, it hurts, it’s scary, it feels good. More, more, want to go deeply. Want to carve deeply. The wedge grubs to give pleasure, wherever it goes, wherever it goes, still want it. Your body that already stop, but still listening to, touching it timidly. Even if feel scared, even the reason is destroyed, but if you can still feel it, please feel it. Please feel my voice, myself. Look. Deeply, quickly, entering the body. It entered. It’s hot, it’s hot, right? Your body is very hot. Inside your body too, when it goes out, it’s very hot. Your body feels hot that you want to run, you continue to run, to run from the heat, go through the roughness, your body is heavy, the wedge controls it, you cannot move. You cannot run away. Your body has no more power. So, my thing, [uh oh, just like those otome/BL game dialogue] though it does, attract to your there [I certainly missed few words here], however when it pull out, instantly a very sweet voice come out, I hope for it. It doesn’t hurt anymore, right? *laugh* Why is it I still remember your horror and pleasure? Let’s carve into it. The horror. The pleasure. And then, to myself.

Track 12: Younger brother

Y: Run into the wedge more and more. Like the cherry blossoms that scatter beautifully, I will touch it. You showed your embarrassing face. It-feels-good-that-it-can’t-be-help face. It’s red, it’s red, dyes into it. Your body.

Track 13: Elder brother

E: Just a little bit more. Look, your body is shaking. It feels good. Right, it’s liberating. The pain inside your body is hot, hot and crawling [what is dorodoro by the way?]. The body is just a hindrance for your soul. That is right. Look, face to there at once. Move the body more intense. Timidly, timidly shaking it. Deeply, carve into it. I’ll carve it. More deeply. Ah, just little more, Ah, at there. [sklfhbfcgneudskdx]

Track 14: Eight sheets of scroll

E & Y: It’s okay to say it.
E: *laugh* The seventh is finished already. Put the body that shakes on top.
Y: The body is empty. Your soul is slowly out of focus to the top.
E: Me and my younger brother identity, slowly, slowly, you are recognizing it.
Y: *laugh* After this is the last one, right? What should we do, elder brother?
E: That’s right. The ritual is a success though.
Y: You’re still afraid?
E: Shall we end this good feeling moment? [eh already?] For the sake of next moment again.
Y: Mmm, now it’ll be the best. So after all, we won’t let you feel tired.
E: It’s really a pity, after this or next time, it’s a fun. You can still feel the feeling.
Y: *laugh* Even if you just scared, you still can hear it right? Because you like it. [it’s my guilty pleasure after all]
E: Then, it’s time for separation. Slowly pouring it down.
Y: The first one. You experience is our story. Your soul and body glow, return to the container.
E: Second. When the soul returned, you feel heavier. What you just had is all a dream. You saw a fun, feels good, and nice dream.
Y: Third. Breathes in, breathes out. You had a feeling of good wind inside your body right? The separated soul and body, getting grip stronger.
E: Fourth. Please open your eyes slowly. In the darkness, it lights up, one candle.
Y: Fifth. Look at your shaking body. You can feel your body, right? The cold upper body, you are sleeping. Your sense is back.
E: Sixth. You don’t feel pain, your body is warm.
Y: Seventh. Again slowly breathes in, the heavy body is disappearing.
E: Eighth. Your body is all in one again. It’s okay now. 

Track 15: Pinky promise of meeting

E: I really want you. But, looks like that you are stolen.
Y: I want you too. On the summertime, in that room we played, I told you that I want you right?
E: Now we overlooked.
Y: Right? 
E: When you return from us.
Y: We can’t play again right? That is useless. I want to play with you more.
E: The cute face, trembles in horror before us.
Y: You want to run away, but not possible to run away, look at you when you are touched, it’s the best.
E: So, we overlooks at it.
Y: But the real thing is I like the breathing you. [or you who lived]
E: *sigh* That’s right. Please don’t forget about it. I too won’t defeat by my younger brother in making you love me.
Y: I won’t lose to you, elder brother. But then, you understand it right?
E: Whatever face [or person] that you choose, I don’t want it. Still, I want you to feel me again.
Y: Mm, we will be always at this shrine. Come back okay? *yawn*
E: You feel sleepy right? Today is tough. The thing is, I too feel tired a little.
Y: Until you come back, I will just sleep.
E: How we fell into the deep sleep, we definitely will wake up. Because you have a special scent.
Y: Freshness, instinctively the scent that will be lick. [or consume]
E: Arrival, instinctively the scent that will be injures.
Y: Sweet, sweet, like sweets.
E: When it tasted, it’ll be not forgotten scent.
E & Y: *laugh*
E: After this, it’ll be the last.
Y: It’s fun to play together.
E: Come back here absolutely. [zettai fukujuu meirei?] If not coming…
Y: It won’t be forgiven.
E: I will wait.
Y: I will wait.
E & Y: *laugh* [stop ittttttttttttt]

Track 16: Free talk

[they talk fast and furious >_<]

Yonaga: Sensual Time 5, Thanatos’s Brothers. Thus, the track is finished, thanks for the hard work!
Saiga: Thanks for the hard work!
Yonaga: *sigh*
Saiga: *laugh* Why is that? But first, let’s tell our post first. This is the elder brother, Saiga Mitsuki.
Yonaga: Right, then this is the younger brother, Yonaga Tsubasa.
Yonaga and Saiga: Thanks for the hard work!
Yonaga: Somehow it feels mysterious, somehow, the sense. Like…
Saiga: Well, just like he says, until now, until this talk.
Yonaga: Right.
Saiga:  Ehh well, to the listeners, like various things, that… if you know what happens. It’s because of the dummy head mic. Because it uses this mic. Even until this free talk, still using the mic. When to think about it, people, just only one mic to be used to two people, it’s like challenge. The feels is loss. Right, to make it feels. So, what do you think, about the mic?
Yonaga: It’s the first time for me to use it, to experience it. Somehow it makes me stress.
Saiga: That’s right. Where do you think that it’s better to talk? To give better sounding and such.
Yonaga: That’s right.
Saiga: The noise [I almost type Noize xD;] is great, if you notice. The mic gives better surrounding sound. And they have to eliminate it.
Yonaga: To scan through, to release it when it finishes, perhaps.
Saiga: Round and round around.
Yonaga: Round and round around, the voice, if you think again about this state. Now it’s totally okay, after complied, for the CD releases.
Saiga: That’s right. The approaches or something like that. It’s quite practically good or more. So don’t worry. It’s a bit… rough.
Yonaga: We made it. Somehow it’s refreshing. The new thing, like a cheek as it is.
Saiga: Well, if you use this, when you listen to it can gives out real feeling. Well, that’s the advantage of it. Like, if you use headphone, the more you will hear.
Yonaga: [I like this sound *3*] Is that so? It looks like that you can feel my presence by my voice. It really gives out the whispering feeling.
Saiga: Right, right, when the eyes close, and use the headphone to listen to it, and the sooner will be done, to the feeling.
Yonaga: It’s really great.  Somehow, the mic gives the scene more reality. It’s really great I think.
Saiga: So, the best place to use mic is the ear. Because the ear is in the real shape. And it’s reality.
Yonaga: I heard from the various seniors, about the mic, “the ear only is giving out very real feeling”, they said so I listen to it. It’s very real.
Saiga: And, this is the second mic. People give it various names to it, people have crawling face from it.
Yonaga: Is that so? Now I understand.
Saiga: The face probably giving the crawling to them. The mic is quite interesting.
Yonaga: It’s great. It’s great, really. It shocks me, somehow, when still looking at it, but still curious. Mm, the challenge. There’re various kind of challenge, from look at it.
Saiga: About this mic. *laugh*
Yonaga: About this mic. There is various kind of challenge, from look at it. Okay, about the brothers setting for both of us. Is it the first time? With Saiga-san in brothers position.
Saiga: Brothers? Right, in any result there’s nothing like brothers.
Yonaga: That’s right. In this work, the company says that Saiga-san as the elder brother and I as the younger brother.
Saiga: Well whatever it is it can’t be help.
Yonaga: *laugh* [his laughing is charming] That’s right.
Saiga: Because since elementary school I had mistaken.
Yonaga: *laugh* But still, about the sexuality. There’s only male and female.
Saiga: Ah, that’s right.
Yonaga: Then, Saiga-san—
Saiga: You’re about to talk about the desperation.
Yonaga: *laugh* It’s not about it. Right, so somehow, it’s interesting, right? I heard various things about Saiga-san, so I’m glad that we work together now. Like this form. Being brothers.
Saiga: Is that so. But, when I heard about Yonaga form old time, I thought that you are a girl. I really heard about it.
Yonaga: *laugh* That’s right.
Saiga: “Is that child a girl?” “Ah, sorry it’s a boy”, they said.
Yonaga: *laugh* So Saiga-san heard about it too.
Saiga: Because it’s Tsubasa, so it’s not weird for Tsubasa-chan.
Yonaga: That’s right. It’s normal. So it’s okay.
Saiga: So now, it’s nothing, about, what is that? Don’t think that a person with boy’s face is a boy. Sexuality doesn’t hold concurrently.
Yonaga: Ah! It’s somehow… *laugh*
Saiga: *laugh*
Yonaga: That’s the way of thinking.
Saiga: It’s like a trap.
Yonaga: That’s right. Somehow like that, various things had been said, about the sexuality and the trap.
Saiga: Because it already said.
Yonaga: About Saiga-san’s sexuality. *laugh*
Saiga: I already said it. But that’s okay, I think. Because sexuality is not a problem.
Yonaga: Well, we already talk about it here. It’s okay.
Saiga: It’s nothing because it’s a good thing, I think.
*both of them agreeing*
Yonaga: It’s interesting. Somehow, the brothers setting too, even though we’re totally different.
Saiga: That’s right. Then, what is that, the exception for the work situation, for those who listening, what it, is about the work, the rate of the excitement developed kind of work, which I just thought about it for a long time,  you can’t do that type. 
Yonaga: Oh, is that so?
Saiga: Yes.
Yonaga: What is it?
Saiga: Because there’s no way you can do BL.
Yonaga: W-well, w-well… *starts rambling*
Saiga: Because women don’t want Yonaga.
Yonaga: *still rambling*
Saiga: It’s nothing about BL if you do it or not doing it. If you do it there’s no big deal.
Yonaga: Is that so? Well, it can’t be help. Because I just do it.
Saiga: Because, it’s nothing, even I didn’t say it, it’s still fun. Totally, it’s okay if you do it.
Saiga: But the rushing words make the customers excited. It’s quite, interesting. What do you think about this, feeling?
Yonaga: It’s quite, here too, when it finishes, it has mischievous thing. But there’s nothing like to bring the sleepiness feeling.
Saiga: It’s because of the characters. There’s nothing related to us.
Yonaga: That’s right. When you listen to it you’ll understand. You can think it’s good or else.
Saiga: Because when I listen to it, I got a feeling of Yonaga attacking.
Yonaga: *laugh* That’s wrong! It’s at the least! To the very least!
Saiga: Right, you can feel it, whenever it is. It’s in the mind.
Yonaga: Saiga-san is…
Saiga: It feels like attacking me.
Yonaga: She’s smiling, smiling and hand drumming. What kind of comment is that, “feels like been attacked”. Don’t think wrong of me. It’s wrong! Ahh…  what should I say…? [looks like he’s desperate in defending himself lol]
Saiga: It’s just he works hard.
Yonaga: I just work hard. If the girls outside there think the same, what should I do? *laugh**panic attack* Mmm… I just work hard, at least. It’s not intentionally.
Saiga: You quickly get away from nearing the mic, are you okay?
Yonaga: *laugh* It’s weird…
Saiga: You’re away from the ear.
Yonaga: The ear. *gasping* I’m just becoming too happy person. I think it’s fun, let’s do again somehow together with Saiga-san in doing brothers role. I think it’ll be great.
Saiga: Right.
Yonaga: Right. This is the last. Please listen to the message that we’re about to deliver. *into the role again* Elder brother, you go first!
Saiga: Right. Okay, for the feeling of this work, of this CD, what do you think about it, it’s somehow, different. The limitless of what we can do, it’s finally founded. In other word, I’m glad that you had fun hearing this, the content of sensual time. I can think only, please enjoy it.
Yonaga: Right. Now it’s the younger brother. *laugh* I myself too think that this is an interesting world that you can feel. Perhaps, when you listen to it, perhaps quickly go into the content, to the mysterious world, that’s what I think. *laugh* Now finally I want to say that, please enjoy it. *laugh* What’s this final doing? *laugh* So this deliver the summer feeling, even Saiga-san didn’t say it. When the summer comes, listen to this definitely. So listen to the rest of the works too. When the summer comes, perhaps you’ll think, “what is this pleasure it can’t be stopped” something like that kind of feeling *Saiga laughes* I don’t know. Definitely. I had various funs while doing it. Enjoy it slowly. In other word, that’s all. This is younger brother’s voice, Yonaga Tsubasa and!
Saiga: Elder brother’s voice, Saiga Mitsuki!
Yonaga and Saiga: Thank you very much!

Yeah, thanks for reading this!!! So I had several series that I want to try translating. But the highlight one are:

- Honeymoon series
- Kannou Jikan series
- Samishinbo CD

Perhaps I'll go with Samishinbo CD after this.

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