Thursday, August 30, 2012

Taking BL interest deeper with Takumi-kun!

Ha! I'm so stressed out that I closed my books and watched the Takumi-kun series I downloaded like 3 months ago! And guess what?

They're full with rainbows and cheesiness and moe moe-ness!!! I'm so glad that I watch this before continuing my study. Believe me, I could smile while doing add math questions. Isn't that awesome? I never thought about that before.

Yes, I grin like crazy when I remembered their kissing scene. Like, it looks so REAL! How do they did that? Camera manipulating?

Now that I watched 4 movies, (and currently watching the fifth one, Ano Hareta Aozora), I am downloading Kindan no Koi as it looks promising.

And Boys Love.

And also Sukitomo.

Including Ai no Kotodama.

And not forgetting Itsuka no Kimi e.


I regret nothing.
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