Thursday, August 30, 2012

Taking BL interest deeper with Takumi-kun!

Ha! I'm so stressed out that I closed my books and watched the Takumi-kun series I downloaded like 3 months ago! And guess what?

They're full with rainbows and cheesiness and moe moe-ness!!! I'm so glad that I watch this before continuing my study. Believe me, I could smile while doing add math questions. Isn't that awesome? I never thought about that before.

Yes, I grin like crazy when I remembered their kissing scene. Like, it looks so REAL! How do they did that? Camera manipulating?

Now that I watched 4 movies, (and currently watching the fifth one, Ano Hareta Aozora), I am downloading Kindan no Koi as it looks promising.

And Boys Love.

And also Sukitomo.

Including Ai no Kotodama.

And not forgetting Itsuka no Kimi e.


I regret nothing.


  1. Sukitomo Ai No Kotodama are adorable! I recommend watching them. :D

    1. Yeah totally. I'm still blushing with the kissing part. These guys need to have guts for these kind of stuff.

      +500 x 5 of my admiration for them!

  2. Tried to watch Japanese BL movies before but I couldn't get the 'feel' of it. I watched a Thai BL movie and I think its the best bl movie ever...

    1. Haha, some part the feels aren't so great xD

      Which Thai movie? Bangkok Love Story?

    2. Love of Siam. No sex scene but sooo sweet.

  3. Ooooh I heard about that but I didn't download it yet. That is sure on my watchlist :D


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