Friday, September 7, 2012

First week of SPM Trial...

Has gone! Woohoo!!! It's time for a (quick) rest! Now to ramble about my papers... (Negeri Sembilan)

Bahasa Melayu

Oh boy I never expected the literature question so hard! The "kesesuaian judul dengan isi kandungan novel" is mind blowing!


It's okay. So so. But I feel regret about choosing the "She had been crying all day..." essay.

Sejarah (History)

Sobsob. I hate Paper One. I only felt confident answering about World War I question in Paper Two. Hetalia heck yeah!


It's.... okay I guess. I got 33 in Paper One! Pretty okay for me who don't like maths.

Pendidikan Islam

Oh why I forgot about Sirah? Especially about Bukhari's biography ;_____;

And next week's papers are Additional Mathematics and Science! Wish me luck!

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