Saturday, September 8, 2012

[Story] It Can't Be... Chapter 1

Seriously, I LOLed so much when I read my story xD So if you want to have some laugh, go ahead!

Story: Our hero, Danny (called Dan) knocked down the terrifying prefect named Brian. And something unexpected happened between them.

Warning: Crap crap crap.

Chapter 1: [Interest?!]

Instead of walking, Dan pushes his power to the limits with running as fast as he could towards the toilet. He just ate an expired yogurt with moldy cheese bread. That is not a good thing to eat when you’re starving. So he just needs to throw what he just ate up before something worse is coming. Apparently school recess is over, no one is at the corridor. That is a good sign, he doesn’t need to worry about knocking somebody while running like mad. But someone doesn’t like whatever he is doing right now. The school corridor is forbidden for students to run, so of course the school prefect would take this matter seriously.

The unlucky Dan knocks to Brian, one of the school prefects in a great speed. As the result of the impact Dan creates, both of them slide on the ground in very lengthy distance. To make things worse, Brian’s lunch box also flies away from his hand. He lies in position, disbelief. Dan, who just recovers from the knock out, stands up to see who he just runs into. Seeing Brian in front of his turquoise eyes cracking his knuckles, Dan knows what he just put his life onto.

Dead. I’m a dead fish, Dan thinks immediately. No one ever mess with Brian, the deadliest school prefect in the school. Some rumors that his purpose of being a prefect is that he just wants to beat somebody to pulp. He doesn’t care if the person he encounters is guilty or innocent. Last week, one unlucky student sits on his usual place at canteen. As a result, Brian squash the poor guy’s tiny feet with a fire extinguisher. No one sits on his place ever since. Just the thought of being held by that guy in such angry mood makes Dan shivers unwillingly. When he’s about to run away, Brian catches his collar with a blink of eye. Dan’s legs kicking the air in a hint of hope would make Brian’s hand tired of holding him and then let him go without any harm done. But that’s not going to happen because Brian just infuriates what had happened to his precious lunch box. He’s not going to let that fish running away without a scratch.

“Hey fish, do you perhaps realizes what did you had done to my food?” growls Brian in a deep voice.

Dan staggers. This is it. One wrong choice of word put his life on the dead line. He needs to think what he should answer his question, but Brian pushes him to the school wall.

“I’m going to make you regret of doing this,” he continues, holding him firmly.

Dan squeaks, nervous kicks in. I’m not ready to die yet!!! Dan shuts his eyes, don’t want to meet Brian’s dark red eyes. He certainly doesn’t ready for this. Not right now!!!

Five seconds. Ten. Fifteen. Nothing happens. Still Dan keeps his eyes shut for good, praying that Brian would give up beating him. But Brian does nothing to him after minutes have passed quickly. Both of them stay in place, makes Dan thinks that is it school’s over already because he is very sure that the whole school is creepily quiet. He wonders why, because the students rarely sit on place without making noises. Dan forces himself to open his eyes, only seeing Brian’s eyes looking, not, staring at him without a word. But his eyes not fire with angry anymore. It’s more like forgiving kind of look. That look he gives makes Dan stuns in place. He braves himself to say a word, but cuts out with a something soft with a flash. Dan stammers. Brian, the deadliest school prefect he ever meets, gives a peck. On a cheek. His cheek. Brian closes his eyes while doing so, but if he’s going to open it soon, he’ll see the reddest shade on a human face named Dan.

Dan couldn’t say a thing because his brain is busy defining what on earth that Brian just did to him. Sure is giving a peck to an opposite sex is normal thing to do these days, but to the same sex…. that’s too much. Dan pushes Brian’s shoulder to get out from the embarrassing position, but Brian just pushes his body towards Dan, locking him without any escape. A scent of tobacco rushes into Dan’s nose, making him twitching. Brian’s lips moves from the cheek to Dan’s nose, then goes down to his neck, making Dan produces almost an inhuman noise from his throat. He’s almost faints whatever Brian is doing to him right now and he does not like it. He squints his eyes looking at Brian, who seems enjoying this moment.

“W-what are you d-doing…?” Dan asks, almost break to cry.

Brian replies his question with a bite to his neck, makes Dan swallows his question back to his original place. Brian starts to get the bite job all over Dan’s neck when he hears someone’s footsteps. He stops, with annoyance, and runs away leaving Dan behind with sweating red face and lots of questions unanswered. The footsteps is actually belongs to the school guard. When the school guard sees Dan in such mysterious condition, Dan answers quickly to hide that unwilling secret.

“I-I dropped over my f-food, that’s all,” the answer seems to satisfy the curious guard.

“That explains the food here. I thought I saw another guy running away. Who’s that?” asks the old man. This is hard. What should Dan says to him? Oh, he just stops to give a peck and bites my neck, that’s all. NOT going to happen. On that instance Dan’s face turn red again.

“That? He’s someone who I… don’t know about. A student from another class, perhaps,” Dan lies. Hopes that old geez buys his lie.

The guard seems not care on what he just says. “Oh, okay. Clean up yourself then, you’re making me thinking that you just,” he raises his two index fingers apart and then put both together, repeating the gestures for a few times, “with that guy.” After saying that, he walks away towards another building.

That action the guard does manage to make Dan’s blushes. What is with that figure? What kind of thinking that old man has?! Dan screams in his mind, fanning himself. He slowly gets up to clean his shirt, but spots red marks on his neck. On that instance, Dan gurgles with no control. His face is red as ripped tomato. He leaves the lunch box behind with a dash. He wants to go home quickly.

While he is going downstairs, he spots Brian. He shocks and starts running away passing before him. Alas, that Brian is one hell of a fast man. He catches Dan’s sleeve and pulls him into his huge arms. As quick as lightning, he drags him towards some place. Apparently he drags him to the unlocked store under the stairs. Something clicks inside Dan’s brain. One guy drags one guy at some place, after what the first guy had done to the poor second guy. Not a good sign. Doesn’t want the same situation repeat all over, he kicks hard at Brian’s stomach and flee without looking back at once. Twitching, Brian glares at Dan’s behind with a smile. But nothing is angelic about it.

“I’ll make sure you’ll forever regret of doing this. Just wait…” he laughs, demonically.

[author's note: see I told you it's crap!]
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