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[Story] It Can't Be... Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is here! More ROFL plot to be read.

Chapter 2: [Ghost?!]

For a few days Dan is terribly unstable, from his body condition to his feelings. He doesn’t talk to someone. He even goes to school alone, neither with his twin sister, Elle, nor his childhood friend, Fay. Sometimes he would blushes for no reason and starts to make weird sounds. Both of them realize the huge changes on him, so they decide to have a talk about it in a very calm place like a library after school.

At library. The library is the perfect spot for those who want to study alone, to read book or to have something important to talk about. The air conditioners provide more serenity atmosphere to it. That’s why the girls have chosen this place. Dan isn’t speaks at all to them. Not even a single ‘hi’. That really makes the girls worry so much. He usually the mood maker, always with weird jokes and that idiot smiles plasters on his skin. But now… Trio of them keep quiet for a moment when Elle decides that she should breaks the cold ice.

“Ah… are we going to stay like this until our body frost from this air cond? This is getting boring and sleepy. I have more things to handle, my farm, my pet, my kingdom. All of them are my assets, you know that bro?” Elle starts with her games she handles in Facebook, which didn’t brighten the surrounding at all.

Dan stares the table in front of him, in complete silent. Fay couldn’t stand anymore so she decides to hit Dan’s head with her clear file with lavender flower pattern printed on the cover. That sure to hit on the spot because Dan seems to be awake from his dream.

“What the heck is wrong with you? You have been like this for about days! What happened to you actually?” Fay talks with a loud voice. No one cares for making noises in the library because the school’s already over. Dan stuns with what just happens. He just put his eyes on her.

“T-there’s nothing actually. I just…” he couldn’t continue what he is going to say. He breaks from tear flowing from his eyes. Elle seems to be surprises with what she just sees.

“Wait… you are actually cried? I never saw that one coming!” exclaims Elle. She seems to be happy with it. That act makes Fay gives her a weird look spontaneously.

“Elle, what is that supposed to mean? You never saw your twin cries before?” Fay asks with a shock. Elle stops her enthusiasm, looks at her with a question mark on her head, asking for a further explanation. Fay decides to tell her what she just thinks. “You are twin of him. You live together with him. For ages. And why did you surprise with him for crying? It doesn’t make sense at all,” she ends the sentence with a heavy sigh, showing a disappointment.

“Of course it doesn’t make sense because he never cries at home since we were child. Well, except from a kindergarten where his favorite toy car got stolen by a chubby guy named Fred. Oh boy if I ever meet that buy, I’ll sure giving him a piece of my mind,” says Elle while cracking her fingers and neck in burning passion. Fay sees hatred from her, which makes her sweats suddenly.

“Okay then. If he cries right now, so something big had happened to him, is it?” she asks for a confirmation. Elle nods without hesitate.

“Not only big, perhaps something bad, worse, worst, apocalyptic, or even disastrous happened to my poor Danny. Is that right, Danny?” Elle emphasizes the word with a stomp on a table. She seems to get on the mood to add more words with similar meaning when Fay raises her hand, stopping her at instance. Elle pouts in disagreement and sits on the chair.

“Well, whatever she just says. Dan, are you going to join our talk anyway? We are getting impatient. We are here for you,” Fay holds Dan’s hand in hers, which makes Dan flusters.

“I-I’m not so sure about telling you girls about it…. It feels so wrong,” Dan’s head falls down, like want to hide his body under the table. Elle pulls Dan’s collar with a force, annoys.

“Just talk about it, will you? Our ears are on you now,” says Elle while looking at Dan. While Dan looks up, Elle notices something. Something odd on her twin brother. Something on his….

“Hey, what’s with those markings on your neck?” asks Elle, curious.

That innocent question makes Dan staggers in place, eyes bobbing like a fish, mouth gasping for air. Immediately, the unwanted memories flow back to his head, moments flashing like it just happened yesterday. He can’t take it anymore. I can’t take it anymore!! Screaming in his own head, he hits the table, crying once again. That reaction manages to startle the girls and let out a small shriek.

“Danny, are you okay? Are you fallen somewhere? Are you sick or something? Tell me, tell us!” Elle worries. Fay tries to calm him by giving a pat to his head while murmuring smoothening words. For an instance, everything turns to be chaotic, with Dan crying and sobbing non-stop, Elle and Fay on attempt to carry him to health room.

While they are busy carrying Dan, someone has been eyeing them from the beginning. That person just stands there and watches the whole scenario.

Dan seems to calm a bit after Elle and Fay put him into the health room under the guidance of Mr. Will, health room’s teacher. Right now Dan is having his sleep while the girls are talking to Mr. Will.

“Thank you so much for helping us with Dan’s problem. We owe you one,” bow both of them, gratefully. Mr. Will just nods with a smile.

“It’s my duty to help students about health problem, there’s nothing to worry about,” says him. “Oh, tonight is my wife’s birthday party. I have to go home early today. I’m giving you this room’s key for today. Stay as long as you like, but give the key to me tomorrow. Is that clear?” says Mr. Will, packing his stuff inside his briefcase. The girls nod.

“I should get going then. See you tomorrow,” bids Mr. Will, and in a dash he disappears from their sight. Elle and Fay look each other, wondering if he’s an athlete or a spirit.

“Well, whatever it is, I should buy something for him to eat when he’ll get up,” says Elle. “Are you going to follow, Fay?” offers her. Fay glances at Dan, who is sleeping deeply. As if he’ll going to wake up any moment, she thinks.

“I’m going with you,” decides her.

So both of the girls go out buying food and drinks for Dan. Unfortunately, they forget to lock the room, so the door opens widely, inviting one unfriendly guest inside. The guest creeps inside with a complete silent.

It is Brian. He eyes Dan’s figure on the white sheet bed. For a moment he stands still in position, not making any move. After a while, he moves forward closer to the bed and sits on the nearest chair. He watches Dan. Very close. His pale face, his swollen eyes, everything. He then raises his hand and strokes Dan’s face, very gently. On that time his pair eyes shows no cruelty. Only softness.

Time moves slowly when he hears footsteps from in front. The girls arrive, he monologues alone. Before he stands up, Dan’s body moves a little, making Brian stays in position.

“W-who is it..?” in a weak voice Dan asks the person before him just now. Brian thinks quickly. If he sees him, he’ll sure starts to make trouble. So he decides to stay still. In a flash he goes out from the room using an opened window without making any noises, leaving Dan alone.

Elle walks in first, follows by Fay. Each of them carries a bag of foods and drinks when they realize Dan just sits on the bed, looks very weak.

“Dan! You have wake up! I’m so worry about you!” says Elle, glad. She walks fast towards him to give him the food. “You need extra charge. Eat these, I buy it especially for you,” she tells him with a smile spreading across her tired face.

Dan, who is just rises from the faint, gives a small nod to her. He sees Fay behind Elle, who just like Elle, smiling brightly to him.

“How long have I faint-” Dan’s mouth covers with an egg sandwich by Elle. He almost chokes the rest of the sandwich.

“Elle! He’s still weak. You shouldn’t force him to eat if he doesn’t want to.”

“So what? He’ll get weaker if he’s not eating. So I better feed on him before it’s too late. Simple, eh?”

“So be it. You’re his sister. You should know what you are doing to him,” ends Fay with grunts. She sure worries about him more than his sister is. In the end Dan still eats the sandwich, doesn’t want to waste the food away.

“Stop fighting, you two. I’m having a headache,” says Dan. Both of the girls still keep quiet. It’s now time for Dan to ask something bothering his mind since then.

“Do you see someone inside this room with me just before you come in?”

Silent. Both of them look each other’s face and shake their head. Dan gulps. Before he gets into the subject further, Elle cuts in with a clap.

“Well! Let’s get out of here because we are going home~ It’s very late, I don’t want to miss my favorite drama series airs on TV,” Elle waves her hand to the rest. She already packs her stuff and Dan’s while Fay keeps the health room key inside her bag. They get out from the school compound fast.

While walking their way home, Dan couldn’t stop thinking about the person who met him before the girls come in. Who is that? All he could remember is a scent of tobacco.

[author's note: what the hell am I thinking?]


  1. OH,Oh~plot developing. Who say the cold-heart guy don't have heart? They do, just cold heart.

  2. @ Grave

    Lol we need to warm it up xDD


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