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[Story] It Can't Be... Chapter 3

You know the drill.

Chapter 3: [Delusion?!]

“M-May I k-kiss you?”

Plays with her bangs that covers her violet eyes, Fay flusters with a small nod as a respond. Dan gives her a quick kiss on her lips. Their first kiss after months going out together and being friend for years. He has been crushing Fay for as long as he could think. Since both of them befriended, he guesses. Fay accepts him on their way to go home when Elle busy eyeing a cute puppy next road. Fay realizes his feelings towards her and her feelings to him too. So she accepts his request. For weeks they have been spending time more than usual, but not ditching Elle totally.

“You are already dating. When is my turn, I wonder?” she usually says, trying to sound jealous. But both of them know that she is joking. Elle is happy for them. No harm done. It’s time for Cupid to shoot arrow to his sister, thinks Dan.

Today, they go out for a date at park. And for the first time Dan asks for a kiss from Fay after having ice-creams as a treat of cooling himself.

Both of them loose the contact after minutes, gasping for breath. This is going to be worth it, thinks Dan, crushing her lips again with his in a complete quickness.

“D-Dan I don’t think we should—”

Fay struggles for a break when Dan decides to push her to the bench, not giving a chance for her to slip away.

“Your lips… taste like strawberry and vanilla. Sweet, just like the ice-cream,” that manages to make Fay blushes deep in red. She tries to push him gently, hoping that he doesn’t going to kiss her again in the public.

“I’m not going to let you go. Again,” demands Dan with force, kissing her cheek while loosening her pink upper jacket that has been covering her fair arm.

“Not going to happen, fish,” her voice drops low. Dan’s head spring anxiously. Fay’s voice change? he thinks. He glances at her, confused. But he sees no more the girl he dates just now. But… it’s Brian! Dan almost knocks out knowing this. I’m holding the girl just now and then…?

His face is as red as tomato. “How did you—?”

“Time to pay the debt. I want cash from you,” he adds devilishly.

Dan couldn’t argue with him because Brian presses his lips to his in a dash, interferes everything he wants to say. Brian’s tongue plays with his roughly almost making Dan chocks his own tongue. He pushes Brian away and coughs hard.

Before he manages to take a long deep breath, Brian brings his face close to his quick and kisses back. A tobacco scent enters Dan’s mouth unwillingly. The scent is getting stronger as Brian continuously kissing him without a break. Brian’s hand crawls slowly under Dan’s aqua-colored shirt, reaching and touching everything under it. Blood rushes to Dan’s face on the spot. Dan tries to stop the creepy creeping fingers at his belly by pulling it upwards, unfortunately that hand is ten times more powerful than his, so he couldn’t do it anymore. The spider-like-movement tickles him. He can’t take it anymore. He wants to scream at Brian to stop whatever he is doing, but since Brian’s lips is on his, crushing and sticking like glue, apparently seals his voice too. One that moment, something clicks on his mind. If voice doesn’t reaches Brian, all he has to do is…

He bites Brian’s tongue hard it’s almost draw out blood from it. Brian yelps in pain, backing off his body from Dan’s in respond. Dan uses this golden chance to run away as fast as he could. And he did it! While he is running from him, a huge deep black hole appears suddenly under his legs trying to swallow him. He can’t run anymore! The darkness has claimed him! Noooooooooo!!

Dan opens his eyes in panic and jolts away from whatever he is lying on. With a thud he hits hard to the floor. In a dream world you couldn’t feel hurt when fall to something, but this is reality. And Dan frowns in pain. He’s gasping for air and trying to calm himself. His eyes wander around him, looks at every inches of it. He now feels he knows where he is. He is in his own bedroom. Sarcastically, he produces a small chuckle. He is just having a dream.

Then he involuntarily blushes. What kind of dream he had just now? First dating with Fay, his best friend, giving her a kiss, then that. That. He bites his tongue weakly, face reddens deeper. How could he dream that? Without knowing, he touches his lips. Feeling the textures, and then flusters. Don’t ever think about again, he desperately orders his own brain.

He springs from the floor and goes out. Water, he gulps. All of the chaotic puts him to the tiredness. While walking at the hall, he hears footsteps at the kitchen. Anxious, he tiptoes to it. He sees a shadow of a green pajama in front of the fridge and then smiles. It is his sister, Elle.

“Hungry?” Elle almost lets a slice of pizza drops to the kitchen floor from the sudden question. She turns around and then manages a small giggle. Dan already puts his best grin on his face.

“Who knows?” she offers another cold pizza slice from the fridge to Dan. He accepts it and eats without hesitate.

She chuckles. “I never think that you’ll come down in the middle of midnight. What are you searching for?”

He licks down the crusts of the pizza on his fingers. Satisfies, he drink a glass of water from the dinner table. All of the actions he does are watches by Elle, confused. After he settles down to the chair, he sweeps his bangs that cover his eyes, ready to talk with his dear twin sister.

“I had a-,” he hesitates, but continues, “a dream just now. Since I’m awake, why don’t I find something to drink? After all, I’m thirsty,” he finishes rapidly. In the midnight with one table lamp switched on dimly, Elle couldn’t see that Dan is blushing upon saying it.

She nods, understand. Not bother to ask further question, she washes her hand and walk towards the stair. Realizes that Dan isn’t moving from the place, she stops her feet after a few steps upward. He looks at her, question mark on his face.

“I’m going to sleep. You should do it too. It’s getting late. Ma and Pa would notice and set a punishment to us,” she pauses, shudders. “You know you don’t want it.”

He releases a heavy sigh. “I don’t feel sleepy. Not anymore.”

Raising her eyebrows, Elle says nothing for a few seconds. “You do have change. A lot. Do whatever you want then, I don’t care.” After saying this, she disappears. Dan stays still on the chair he sits, thinking.

“I have change?”

“Yeah, sort of, since you got abused several weeks ago,” answers a voice behind. Dan staggers. There’s no one else at here, except him. So, who is—no, what is that?

“It’s me, fish,” on that moment Dan quickly carries his feet to upstairs but that voice catches him. He takes a glance to that person, and drops dead. It’s Brian, looking very deadly scary. Quickly the deadly Brian covers Dan’s mouth with a piece of cloth and starts to pin him on the chair. A stream of tears flowing from Dan’s horrified eyes, feeling Brian’s fingers start to molest his upper and lower part of his body. Brian lets out a maniac laugh, showing that he is enjoying every moment that he has now. Dan groans and then…

RIIIING!!! An alarm clock rings on the table side. Dan opens his eyes but isn’t wake up to stop the ringing clock that is getting on its’ most high pitch part. He still puzzles. That last part… what is that? A nightmare or a bitter truth? He sure is that he is still lying on his single bed, but it feels so real to the point that he may be goes crazy. Perhaps he’s in a trauma.

Finally he stops the ringing clock. Today is weekend. He feels like he doesn’t plan to go outside hanging around or window shopping when Elle suddenly rushes in, already with her orange jacket covering her exposed arms and knee-length skirt of green flowers decorated on it plus her blackish messenger bag slings over her shoulder. Her bangs at both side of her face are braided with her usual green ribbon. Simple and neat. Dan almost knocks out from his bed upon seeing this.

“Let’s go out! I want to go to a brand new cake shop! The shop is having and opening ceremony so I get a chance to dig in free cakes!” excited, she pulls him and jumping on the same spot.

“Wait! I don’t even say that I want to follow you!”

“You not need to say that. We are twins, so when I feel something to do today, you must be feel it too, right~?”

“What is with that I don’t even—”

“So hurry up and get ready! I don’t want to late! Fay must be waiting for us by now.”

Fay. For some reason that name makes his heart beats faster. Remembering his early dream makes him doesn’t want to face Fay in person at any moment. But still, if he has courage to spill it out, maybe it would be great, and everything would be like his dream, he makes a sketchy plan.

So he just has to say it. “Okay, I will. I also want to have some cakes.”

“Yay! I know you wouldn’t turn me down! Thanks my dear Danny~” she hugs him lovingly.

While he is having a bath, he already thinks what he is going to say to Fay, if he ever wants to say it today. Should he buy gift before that? Or just send her a wishing card that says ‘I love you’? Not, that’s not quite romantic. Maybe he should do it on Valentine’s Day? It’ll put extra points. She loves chocolates. Giving her a box of chocolate and then asking for a date sounds promising.

After saying goodbye to Ma and Pa, both of them go to the first junction. And there it is, waiting for them. Fay is wearing a light purple blouse with a mini skirt. She also wears a legging that hides her tall legs. She smiles to them. Dan melts goo inside.

“Then, are we ready?”

And so the trio walks towards the cake shop with happiness.

[author's note: Pfffttttt excuse me while I lol]

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  1. Huhu...Ever heard that a dream sometimes show a glimpse of future? It's may sound a bit mythical but it sort of true.(not always I tell you. Just a few lucky times only)


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