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[Story] It Can't Be... Chapter 4

Chapter 4: [Attracted?!]

The cake shop that Elle mention is really attractive. With floods of balloons floating outside and a bouquet of white and red roses hanging on the door, it’s enchanting. The wallpaper seems to be another focus point too. Soft blue background and green and pink stripes add the antique feeling. Elle and Fay already storm into the shop with other customers. Only Dan who is waiting outside. He wonders if he should follow them. But he has other things to do. So he walks away towards the gift shop.

Inside, he is dumbfounded. He stays in place, jaw drop. So many gifts display! How should he choose for Fay’s gift? He trudges inside with a heavy feeling. He doesn’t know about girls preferences in presents. Especially a girl name Fay. Sometimes he feels shy about admitting that they have been friends for years but he almost thinks that he knows nothing about her. So he decides to talk about it with Elle. As a result, he walks towards the exit door.

Dan sees Elle and Fay already wait outside and talking to someone. Wait, who’s that? Why Fay is… blushing?! Dan feels his blood pumps to his face and walk fast towards them. Now he can see that person’s face. After ten steps, he stops. Sweat pumping out from his palms. He doesn’t believe it. That person they just talk to is Brian! How on earth they meet with him? Things get rather confusing when Elle calls him to join their conversation. Like a powerful force push him at the back towards them.

“Danny! You have to believe this! Brian, the school prefect gets a job at here, the new cake shop behind us! Isn’t that awesome?” Elle starts excitedly.

A work? At the cake shop? Brian?! Dan’s head is defying the facts.

“It’s nothing big actually. All I have to do is take the customers’ orders and give it to them,” Brian says with a smile on his face while looking at her and Dan. Dan blushes unwillingly.

“But to tell you the truth, I never thinks that our scariest prefect in school have a job at here, an actual cake shop! That makes me impress, really!” praises Fay, grinning.

Fay is grinning while talking to Brian? I see no logic here, thinks Dan, frowning with a little bit of jealousy sparks in his heart.

“Ah, I never think about it too. I just desperately need money, and this is the only shop that is looking a new employee, so I just apply it. How lucky am I,” Brian answers proudly. Dan almost pukes upon looking at this. Dan needs to go away from here.

“Be right back. I want to go for a walk,” excuses Dan. The girls nod at him and continue to talk to Brian. When he turns back, Brian stops him with a request.

“Wait, I know a best place to have a walk now,” that manages to make Dan almost stepping on his shoelaces. He then shots Brain a confused look. “Girls, I’ll go with him. Why don’t you enjoy yourself with the free cakes they offer inside? I’m sure you girls are going to love it,” Brian says with a wink. Dan already disappears from Brian’s sight.

“Okay! We will!” agree them and go inside with a dash imagining the cakes that will they eat.

Dan doesn’t stop his feet from moving. I better run away from him, he thinks in panic. But of course he feels someone is behind him, following very close. Then he is walking by his side already. Both of them keep quiet for a long time that actually gets Dan’s nerve.

“Where are you going actually?” Brian starts a conversation.

Dan shrugs. “Some place.”

“It’s been minutes we are walking without any directions. Where are you planning to—?”

“Somewhere away from you,” Dan snaps Brian’s talk, doesn’t want to make the conversation longer.

“Awww, our little Danny gets a little jealous with his girlfriend, isn’t it?” teases Brian. Dan stops dead. He raises his head and shocks. Wow, he already walks to the end of the city, where there is a huge green field across a yard from him. Several kids try to fly kites. When there is a powerful wind blow around them, the kites fly crossing the blue sky. He impresses with what he just witnesses. While admiring the field and the activities, Brian walks in front of him, blocking the view he just enjoys.

“What do you want?” urges Dan.

Brian smirks. “Well, what do you think?” He then stares blankly at Dan. Red shade spreads from his cheek.

“Ah… I d-don’t know,” he replies with a faint voice.

“That hurts, Dan. You should know by now.”

Dan plays with a stone under his feet. His mind searching for any probabilities that Brian might do now. What he will do? After all, he is the deadly prefect and an employee at the cake shop. Wait, that doesn’t related, he shakes his head. Maybe he wants to hurt him? A few kicks and punches will do a trick. Or maybe pushes him to the slope near him and let him rolling to the field, laughing sadistically. Or maybe…

The thought makes Dan blushes redder than earlier. Brian does nothing to him, just let out a small chuckles looking at him. Then Dan looks at him and sighs, showing that he is giving up.

“Just tell me what you are going to do,” that makes Brian smiles even wider. Dan shocks. He smiles? To him? Not a good sign.

“I just want to be my… ” After hearing what Brian says, Dan passes out not long after that. Then, he hears, hollowly, Brian calling him name with a crazy laugh follows.

He wants me to be his partner on incoming ball at his work?!

A drop of water. Then two. After that a bucket of cold water spills to his pale face. Dan abruptly wakes up, just gets to see that person’s face on the first place, grinning idiotically to him.

“Wow, I don’t know that you could faint for almost 3 hours. That’s a talent,” he says, beams with sarcastic.

“Who is the first one to blame at?” Dan questions while wiping his face with a towel that Brian gives. The towel smells nice. Like a mix of freshly baked vanilla cakes with a hint of faint tobacco. He likes it. And then startles. Like a tobacco smell? I must be crazy now.

Brian shrugs. “No one actually. Do you know how heavy are you? It feels like carrying boxes of flour on the same time! You should be on diet.”

“I’m not that heavy!” Dan blushes.

“You don’t have any clue. At first I want to leave you, but then cancel it.”

“Then you should leave me behind!”

“No can do.”

Dan staggers. He has a slight sympathy? Never know that one coming.

“I choose to stay at here, waiting for you to get up because I don’t want you to cry like a baby,” he giggles. “Like what you did in the school library. Believe me, it’s funny.”

Dan loses his words. In the library? How does he know? “You… saw that? Everything?”

“Yeah, it’s an entertainment that I couldn’t forget right now. Oh how I wish that I have a camera on that day,” he bursts off, laughing. Dan can’t say anything.

He couldn’t deny. He almost never cries for his entire life, except in the kindergarten. After that, he seals his tears away. But on that day, he lets out what he feels. Cry buckets. And he’s been watching by him. He feels like digging a hole and hides himself.

“Say whatever you want,” he gets on his feet, planning on going home. But Brian catches his hand, stopping his movement at all. Dan looks at him with a frown.

“Aren’t you going to ask something?”

Dan puzzles. “About what?”

“Partner. At ball. Anything? Gosh, I can’t believe that you’re forgetful,” Brian shakes his head, disappoints with him.

A menthol lights on his head. The matter that makes him faint!

“That! How should I remember, I already faint after you say that.”

“Train yourself to remember important notes.”

Dan’s fire up. “Don’t teach me.”


Silent. Both of them didn’t say a word. That gives Dan slightly uncomfortable feelings. “Umm, aren’t you going to tell me? About it?”

“About what?”

“Don’t drag the conversations pointless. Tell me, seriously,” Dan grunts.

Brian laughs. “Okay, I’ll tell you. Don’t get too grumpy.”


Brain takes a deep breath and spills it out. “The cake shop is going to have a ball, the dancing thing. In case you didn’t know, we need to have a dancing partner on that time.”

“I know that.”

“So, I’m going to choose you as my partner. That’s it.”

Another silent. Brian seems to be happy that already tells Dan what he needs. Dan chews his nail, constructing another question in his mind. The main trouble.



“I don’t know if you’re dumb or what, your partner should be a female.”


Dan couldn’t hold his anger anymore. “I’m a MAN. 100% pure MAN. Isn’t that making a sense to you?!”

“Is there a problem with it?”

“Of course there is—” Brian cuts him with a kiss him on the lips. Dan stuns with what he just did to him. Their lips break apart. Then crush together again. Even deeply. Again and again. After a few contacts, Brian lets go of Dan’s body, looking at him sternly. Dan is gasping for air. He feels the blood gathering at his face.

“I choose what I want. And I want you. Is that clear?” he steadily puts a piece of paper to Dan’s sweating palm. “My number. Don’t lose it,” after saying that he turns around and walk away.

Dan blanks. He chooses me? As a partner? Why he chooses me? Why not someone else? Rows of unanswered questions rushes coming into his head. At last he starts to walks, hand holding to the piece a paper.

[author's note: Yeah, shoot me to death]

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