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[Story] It Can't Be... Chapter 6

Chapter 6: [Accept?!]

Dan looks at himself on the mirror. The mirror reflects him. Gazing at the mirror makes a shade of red appears on his cheek.

I’m ready, he thinks.

The clock shows 20:45. The ball will begins fifteen minutes more, monologues Brian alone in his room. He doesn’t want to go to the ball. He already made up his mind and not going to change it soon. He feels like contacting the rest of employees at the cake shop that he isn’t coming, but then stops his hand from calling them. It’s no use. Just wasting time, sending message like that. He finds an unread message. At first he wants to delete it without reading it, but he thinks twice. The sender is Dan. That’s rare to see him send a message to him, Brian thinks. He then clicks the message to read the content.

I hope that you come for the ball, the rest is waiting for you. –Dan

Suddenly he feels annoyed with what Dan just sends to him. Who are you to give orders to me? He thinks. He fires up with anger and quickly deletes the message. He eventually throws his phone to his bed roughly. He definitely angry with Dan.

He faces the ceiling emptily. The fan spins in moderate speed, giving out cool wind that just enough to makes Brian to be calm again. While watching at the center of the spinning fan, he suddenly recalls the boutique incident inside the fitting room that happened two days past. He could feel bloods from his entire body gather at his face.

How he wishes that moment last longer, his naughty mind takes control of his feelings. He tries to throw away the thought. Eventually he could see a floating thing drift slowly before him. And he shocks. That’s him! The floating ‘him’ snickers at him makes Brian wants to squash it like a mosquito.

‘You should do something on that time, you know. You’re wasting the golden opportunity,’ it talks to him cynically.

“Like what?”

‘You know~ probably something like what you did to him when he knocked your lunch at school.’


‘Yeah, you were brave at that time. I never knew you would do it at school, forbidden place to do such thing.’

“S-shut up,” he’s definitely blushing right now. He feels a lump of regret stuck at his throat. He wishes that he wants the time to go back on that day, instead of doing that he probably would punch him to dead. Case closed. No things like this going to happen.

‘No turning back. You’re gay now.’

“I’m not!” blurts him in full awkwardness.

‘Then what? “I just invite him to be my partner at the dancing ball for the sake of humiliating him” or “I shall blackmail him with his picture while wearing that sexy gown” sort of things?’ the thing questions him back.

He startles. The idiot looking sprite does make a few points. Kudos for it. Why am I doing such things to him anyway?


‘There. You just level up your love-love to that boy for 100 more points! I’m glad that you’re being honest to your heart now~’

“Wait! I just—”

‘Whatever. I’m going. Adieu~’ and then the thing banishes into thin air.

Awkward silent. He apparently hears a faint buzz from his bed. His phone. Looks like there’s an incoming call. He pushes the green button and hears the voice by the side of the phone.

‘Err… hello,” the voice trembles.


“Uhh… I think you forget something.”

“Nope,” he snaps. The voice quiets for a second, probably touched about his attitude.

“Ah… can you come for the ba—”

“I don’t want.”


“Because I don’t want to.”



“O-okay then. I understand.”

“Good,” he’s about to call off the conversation but stops abruptly when he hears a faint sob. Is it…? He puts the phone back to his ears.


Silent. And then he hears the phone is been taking to someone else.

“OOOIII!!” a loud scream enters Brian’s ears unwillingly.

“Alex?! How did you—”

“How could you treat the young lady like this?! You have no shame, man!”

“The what?” he probably deaf because of the screaming so he can’t hear what his colleague says.

“Your partner that is~ Hey, are you seriously don’t want her? Because I’m taking her home— hello? Are you listening to me? Hello~?”

Brian already leaves his phone on his bed. He runs like mad to the cake shop.

He finally arrives at the cake shop. The shop is decorated with colorful banner and such. But he is not coming here to admire the decoration. He smashes the door loudly. All of the colleagues look at him, surprised. Alex is near the fireplace, eating apples. Brian trudges towards him.

“Where is it?” he asks him. Alex ignores him totally.

“Where’s what?”

“The … girl you mention on the phone.”

“Which girl?” Alex definitely playing pranks to him

“My partner!!!” the rest of the colleagues quickly look at him.

“The young girl who wears that sky-colored gown?”

“The one who has long silver hair?”

“She looks very beautiful~ Ah, I’m a bit of jealous of her already.”

The sudden talk about his partner arises from the entire corner of the room. Now he gets confuse. If his memory serves him right, shouldn’t his partner is…?

“Ah, I thought that you don’t want her. You’re lucky that she isn’t going back. Be grateful next time, man.”


Tap. A footstep coming from the kitchen direction. All of the eyes look towards the direction. And then someone appears.

Brian almost drops his jaw. It can’t be real…?

It is Dan. He comes as his partner for the ball. As a woman. He wears the gown from his mother’s boutique, with simple jewelries placed at his neck, wrist, fingers, and ears. He also wears a silver high heel that shines like pearls and also a long silver hair places neatly over his shoulder. Brian flusters upon looking at him. He looks so woman to him.

Dan looks down to the ground. He looks uncomfortable. Maybe because all of them put their eyes on him. When he notices that Brian also looking at him, his face dyes in rosy color. Brian walks to him and stops when there’s a meter between him and Dan. Brian doesn’t know what to do. So he just stands in place admiring Dan’s figure.

Swoosh! A red rose hits on Brian’s head. It is Alex, giving out thumbs up. Good luck! He winks.

He practically picks up the rose. “I-I… err…”


“Y-you looks… beautiful t-tonight.”

“… T-thanks.”

Another silent. Both of them look blank. Someone gives Brian a push. Brian stumbles.

“Just ask her for a dance already!” the person suggests.

“Ah… yeah…” he clears his throat.

“Would you become m-my partner for t-tonight?”

Dan keeps quiet. But then he nods, a smile spreads on his fair face.

And after that, everybody gets their partners and the ball starts for hours long. Both of them enjoy their time together.

It’s 01:00. Brian and Dan are stargazing on the school rooftop. Both of them sneak into the school while the guard goes out for a toilet break. Hands never separate from the cake shop until now. And Dan is still on his woman disguise. Brian wants to ask about it but then holds it because Dan talks about it before him.

“It’s not intended, wearing all of this stuff,” he explains slowly. Maybe feels awkward wearing it.

“Then why did you do this?”

“I… eh, I’m not so sure. It’s still blurs, you know,” Dan lowers his head.

Brian lets out a small chuckle. “Maybe, just maybe, that you did all of this… for me?”


“Heh, I knew it.”

Dan shakes his head to deny what Brian just says. “It’s not like that! It’s about your mother.”

“How is that related to her?” he raises his eyebrows, asking for an explanation.

“Well, your mother wants me to convince you to go to the ball since you are anticipating it ever since. When you suddenly gets down on that day, it’s almost makes your mother to cry,” he explains clearly.

“Hmmmm, but I don’t look at it like that.”


“What I mean is, why trouble yourself to disguise as a woman to convince me to go to the ball? You could ignore me, though.”

Winds blow slowly. In the clear moonlight shines on that night, Brian guesses that Dan is blushing to his ears. He snickers. He moves nearer to Dan.

“It seems that you care for me. That’s all I could see.”

Dan seals his mouth. He cares for him? It sounds ridiculous, denies Dan. There’s nowhere that he gives his care for him. But he does feels strange when thinking about him. What is that feeling? But then he tries to change a topic.



“At the boutique. You talked something I couldn’t hear. After you talk about your mother.”


“Well? Aren’t you going to share it?”

Brian lets out a heavy sigh. He’s about to talk about something that he hates. Something that he wishes that would go away, disappear like a wind, never to be found.

“Okay, but promise me that you’ll tell me what do you think about me after this, deal?”

Dan bites his lips. This is tough. But he accepts it.


Brian releases a sigh. “I’m going to keep it short and understandable. The thing is…”


“My father. He used mother’s hard earned money for him to jolly with his girlfriend. I saw him took the money from mother’s safety. He took it all, left not even a penny to my mother.”


“Yeah. When I asked him why he did this kind of thing to mother, can you guess what he answered?”

“I can’t think…”

“‘I married Elicia for the sake of the money she could give to me with her silly boutique thing. That’s all I care. No hint of love to that woman. Stupid woman, believing that I took her hand in marriage because I love her. Well, I do love her, her money.’”

“… That’s cruel.”

“And then he left me and my mother with no further word. Like I care about him.”

“How about your mother?”

He scratches his hands. “She couldn’t believe that father had left her. She is indeed in love with that old man because of his act nice to her and such. When I told her about what he said to her when she wasn’t there, she just closed her ears and totally ignoring what I said.”

“The power of love.”

“… Can’t say much about it. Right, my story is finish. So, it’s your turn now.”

Dan shocks. “What turn? Do we have a story telling here?”

“Duh, don’t we have a deal just now? I tell you what you want and now I want to know about you,” Brian glares at him. The glare makes Dan melts.

“Uhh… it’s late. I think we better continue tomorrow,” he tries to find excuses and stands up, attempt to run away.

Brian senses it and apparently pushes him down to the ground. Dan lies down and facing Brian’s face very close. He could feel his heart thumps faster than he ever felt when Fay touches his hand. Brian puts his palm on Dan’s chest, feeling the beats and then eventually takes Dan’s face to feel his. It’s beating faster too. Probably in the same tempo with his.

“Can you feel it? Your heartbeat and mine, it beats quicker, more than normal… Can you feel it?” Brian whispers softly to Dan’s ears. The breath gives the tingling feeling to his ears, resulting he beats faster it almost pop out from his chest.

“I… uhh…”

“Don’t deny it. Your heart can’t tell a lie. It always beats the truth.”


“Now, tell me; do you love me?”

[author's note: I haven't draw Dan in that dress, maybe next time /shot]
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