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[Story] It Can't Be... Chapter 8

And this is the final installment of the crappy story! Congrats to me! xD

Chapter 8: [The End?!]

Dan is standing in front of a building with a banner decorated in front of it. He takes a look at a card he is holding while looking at the banner again and again. Satisfied with what he just read, he glances at people at his back. He sees two figures walk idly towards him. It’s Elle and Fay. Both of them wave their hands to him, to make sure he sees them clearly. Dan shouts to them in respond.

“Do I have to put a red carpet here? Walk faster! The weather is getting hotter!”

Both of them giggle. “Yeah, we’re coming!”

After that they enter the building with a smile plaster on their face.

“Daniel and Danielle?”

“Yes, plus Fayriessa.”

“Okay, please put your signature here and thanks for joining us today,” the receptionist greets them. They sign the register form and walk inside. It’s a reunion party for their batch. After years have pass, Dan received a letter from their old friend, Harris. He sent him an invitation card plus a map to their meeting place. He also noted that Elle and Fay were invited too. So here they are. They see lots of familiar faces inside. Some of them are from their former classes and the others they didn’t recognize well.

Elle and Fay already gone to chat with their friends. Dan stands there and walks towards the fruit punch for a drink. His mind wanders away from his body. The noises inside the hall don’t bother him at all. He is thinking about a person. One particular person.

‘They are so many people today. Seems like Harris plans to invite the whole batch today. I wonder if he receives an invitation too. Of course he wills, he’s a famous people in school! No one would forget about him.’ He looks around the crowded hall, just in case if he sees that person. But no luck. He continues to drink from his glass, trying to ease his mind.

‘Maybe he’ll arrive soon.’

A sound coming from the podium. It’s Harris, knocking the microphone softly. He tries to attract attention of the people. All of the people gather near the stage where Harris is standing firmly.

“All right! Today we are gathering here for a reunion party for our batch! I plan to gather our entire batch from our former school. For what you say? For a record of course! “The largest school reunion planned by Harris in our town!” How awesome is that?” the crowds laugh politely for what Harris just talks about. “So, I have invited the entire batch I got from the school office’s register list so I think all of you are here. Or they aren’t?” Dan nods silently at his place. He definitely sure that person hasn’t arrive at here yet. Please check the list, he prays in his heart.

“Maybe I should check if someone is missing. I don’t want to ruin my plan. Okay, here it goes…” Harris starts to check the missing signature from the register form. He goes through class A, where Dan, Elle and Fay came from, class B, class C, class D…

“Oh! I spot one name! It’s Brian, our scary prefect! I hope that no one forget about him, aye? Even though he always hit you guys, but the thing is he’s not as cruel as we always thought! He helped me once, when I fell sick at the field. Now I feel grateful that he is our prefect,” Harris shows his happy face. Dan almost smiles upon looking at him. So he is a good guy after all. “But from the register here, he isn’t coming yet. That’s weird, I already sent him the card!” The crowds start buzzing from the entire corner of the hall.

“Where is Brian?”

“Is he coming?”

“Or he is playing prank to us?”

Dan hears all type of speculations and questions pass form mouth to mouth around him. But he stays quiet. He plays with his hands, showing that he is uneasy.

Where is he?

Is he running away from me?

I’m going to answer his last question today, but where is he?

Dan remembered Brian’s last question before he went disappeared without any news. He recalled his soft eyes looking at him hopingly he will give an answer that satisfy his heart. But Dan left the question unanswered on that time. He turned Brian’s heart upside down. So he left him without any news. After that day Fay asked him the same question too. Is he loves her? Of course, but that’s before he met Brian. He told Fay directly. Fay’s face was paled after hearing it.

“You like Brian?”

“Sort of.”

“You know that is wrong…”

“I know. But my heart says differently. When we spend time together, my heart beats different from usual. I always wonder what kind of feeling is this. Is this hate? Or is this love?” Dan touched his chest, thinking about Brian.

Fay breaks into tears. “But you know the answer now…”

“Yeah. But that doesn’t mean I hate you at all! I love you just like before, as a best friend,” Fay says nothing. She lowers her head.

“O-okay, I understand. Thanks for being honest with me, Dan.”

And that’s it. He loves Brian. He confessed with his whole heart. He could felt that his heart is filling with love for Brian again. Now he wanted to meet Brian faster.

But then, he saw no sign of him. After years have passed.

“Is there anyone who knows where Brian goes?” Dan startles. His mind comes back to reality. He has been wandering at previous memories. Now he looks at a worried Harris.

“Oh boy, this is getting serious. I need a confirmation right now!!” Dan hears a sobbing behind him. He turns around and sees Alex, a colleague of Brian when he worked at the cake shop. He remembers him well because he is the one who help him during the ball night. When Dan is about to leave the shop, Alex stopped him.

“Relax, he is coming! I’m sure of it!!” Alex smiles brightly.

“Why are you sound so sure about him? He doesn’t care about my at all!” Dan tries to release Alex’s hand. But then Alex pulls his hand harder that almost make Dan give a cry of pain.

“Of course he cares for you. If not, why he invites you here and dresses you his mom’s best gown? I’m sure that you’re his special girl,” Alex gives a wink to him. He’s definitely doesn’t know the fact that he is a man, but he keeps his mouth shut.

Dan hears someone walking behind him. It’s Alex. He is walking towards Harris with a gloomy face. Oh no. What’s with that kind of face? What happened to Brian? Dan’s heart beats faster. He could see Fay is looking at him.

What’s wrong?

I don’t know. I feel nervous…

Relax, everything will be all right.

I hope…

The eye-to-eye conversation between Dan and Fay interrupts when Alex is talking in front of the crowd.

“Err… excuse me. But I have something to tell you guys about. I am Brian’s friend, Alex,” he pauses for a second. The entire hall is quiet. “He goes travel for a pass few years, as a freelancer. We had been keeping a contact. So one day, I received a letter from him, passed few years. He wrote that this letter should be handed to the person he loved. But he didn’t write the girl’s name so I kept it in my closet. Since we’re here, I thought that maybe this girl will be someone from the crowd,” as he says it, he opens an unopened letter at his hand. Dan could feel his hands wet from sweat.

“Here it goes… to the person who read this…”

…which is very important for me. I hope this letter arrived in your hand safely. How are you? I hope you are in robust health. Oh that sounded weird. Why I would use a formal language while writing this? Sorry, it feels weird writing a letter. We always have a direct conversation before. This is my first time writing a letter, especially for you.

Ah well, I’m currently at the west side of the world. It’s not too far from you I think. I’m working as a freelancer; photographer mainly. Though I don’t do well at it, but it manages to keep me fed for a month. The weather here is hot. I missed the breeze of our home especially near the field. You do remember the field I’m talking about, right? C’mon, there’s no way you could forget about it ;)

Speaking of it, I think that you forgot to tell me one think; what do you think of me? I always tell you that I love you, but it seems that I’m the only one who giving the word of love. I’m not receiving anything from you. Sometimes it makes me think if you, by all mean, feel like what I feel for you. You know what I mean right?

Hmm…. Sorry for leaving you behind without any news on that day. I know that you waited for my calls and messages or something like that, but I need to think deeply about my feelings towards you. So I carry myself away from you. I know that you think that I’m selfish, but the reality is, I’m not like that. I’m thinking a better way for both of us. I know you hate me, so I always think that being like this I would forget whatever I did to you. You know, turn a new leaf?

But it becomes worse. I missed every single thing about you; your stubborn attitude, your red face, your bright smiles… it keeps coming into my head and it won’t come off. Did you put permanent glue to it? In that case I want a mental scrape so I can throw it away LOL. As I was saying it, I will come back on the reunion day. I know that Harris will be doing something like this. So I think that it’s be a perfect moment for me to reunite with you.

I hope that you don’t mad at me for whatever I did to you. Yes, I’m too carried away with this feeling. I want you to forgive me so I can come back at ease. I want to start a new life with you, being happy together like we used to be. Oh, don’t forget! I want to know your answer by that day! The final answer that will change everything!

Lastly, all I want you to know from me that…

“…I love you. Your love, Brian,” after that, Alex closes the letter and releases a sigh of relieve. He looks around at the crowd. He could hear a few sobbing here and there. And one of them is Dan. He rubs his teary eyes to hide his tears. But Elle catches his act.

“Why are you crying?”

Dan startles. “N-nothing. It’s just… his letter… it full of…”

“Love? Hah, I never knew that Brian would fall in love.”

Dan just keeps quiet.

“Anyway, Alex. From what you have read the letter, he supposed to be at here by now. So where is he?” Harris asks.

For a moment Alex keeps quiet. He seems to be hesitating. But then he forces his mouth to open.

“He’s… dead.”

“What?!” Harris screams in disbelief. Dan couldn’t stand right after hearing it. The entire hall shock with what they just hear. “Is it real?!”

“He’s on the way to go to the airport. But he’d been robbed and killed. I got to know this by the police office. So…” Alex falls speechless.

THUD! Everyone quickly put their eye towards the sound. It’s Dan who falls unconscious. Fay and Elle quickly come to help him regain himself. They check his body temperature. It’s ice cold! His pulse…

“Quick! Call an ambulance! Dan’s ill!” Elle screams in panic for help.

While everyone busy carrying Dan into the ambulance, on the top of the building’s roof, there are two figures who are smiling fondly towards each other.

“Sorry for making you wait. The truth is… I love you, very very much,” he smiles sheepishly.

He raises his eyebrows. “Really? Let’s prove it then…” He carries him into his hug, looks into his eyes deeply and kisses fondly.

And they will never be separable from each others' embrace. Forever.

[author's note: Thanks for the read! xD]


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  2. I hate a sad ending like this but it's truly suit this story very well. Well done.


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