Saturday, September 8, 2012

[Story] Storytale: Shall We Go? (Chapter 1- Aladdin and the Magic Lamp)

My new story is here! First time publish ever! To tell you the truth I finished writing this like in May haha. So! I think I like fairy tales so much that I made a stories from it.

Quick summary:

Reading story tales is fun, but when the heroines from the stories are missing, who are going to finish the story and live happily ever after?

And today's story is Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. Are you guys ready to read it? Oh, and it is quite long too.

Storytale: Shall We Go? Chapter 1 part 1 [Prologue]

                Outside the classroom’s window, a butterfly spreading its’ wings elegantly. The dark blue color wings flatters in front of Masao it almost hypnotizes him. But he didn’t realize that his Literature teacher Mr. Satoshi looks at him. He raises his hand with “The Book of 1001 Arabian Nights” clenches firmly in his palm and then…


                “Ouch….” Masao squints his eyes in grimace, tries to hide the pain.

                “Don’t you dare to day dreaming in my class, Masao-kun or I’ll send to for a detention. Do you want that?” asks Mr. Satoshi with his angry face. Masao shakes his head quickly.

                “Good. Now then,” he flips the book in his hand and looks at Masao’s face straight. “What Aladdin does for a living?”

                He stammers. How should he know? He just about to teach us the story today! Of course he didn’t read it yet! He screams in his head. Something clicks on his mind. Perhaps this trick will do…

                “Err… do you want the original version of the story or the Disney adaptation version, sir?” He shows his best cute face. It seems that Mr. Satoshi didn’t fall into the trick so he smacks his head once again.

                “Wrong answer, Masao-kun. Okay, next question. What trick the evil wizard do in order to get the magic lamp from Aladdin?”

                Now he did use his head hardly. If his mind still works, Aladdin and the princess got married and then stayed in the palace. After that… DING! He knows the answer!

                “The evil wizard pretends to be a lamp merchant and asks the princess to give the old lamp for new,” he answers with confidence.

                “Yes, that is correct,” nods Mr. Satoshi, satisfied with the answer given. After that a bell rings shows that the school has come to an end. Everyone including Masao start to pack their books into the backs and stand up in place, waiting for the class monitor to give the teacher a goodbye bid.

                “All right, today I want you to read the story. Understand the plot well and memorize the important events. Okay, class dismisses.”


                He opens his eyes and looks around. It’s 10 o’clock at night on Wednesday. He scratches his head. Why would he dream about homework? He thinks. He dreamt on what happened on last Friday at school. He remembered about Mr. Satoshi’s hits with his thick “The Book of 1001 Arabian Nights” book. Right, he should read the Aladdin book. On that instance his mood flies away. He creeps towards his bag and grabs the book with a heavy feeling. He slips to the front page and tries to read out loud, preventing him from sleeping again.

                “Once upon a time…” but then his reading interrupts with a knock. He stays in place. After a few seconds, he tries to read the first sentence from the page. But then he hears another knock. He rises up from the bed, tries to find the source of sound. He wanders around his room for a better luck. When he walks over his mirror, he doesn’t make a move. It feels a little bit of strange, but he decides to stand in front of it.

                Knock knock.

                He hears it again. But what shocks him more is the reflection on the mirror looks like moving, like a drip of water falls to calm water surface and gives out the ripples. And he sees a moving reflection on the mirror. He stares at it widely. His palms are sweating right now.

                “Pssssttt…. Over here,” he hears a voice. He couldn’t see anyone inside his room except himself. Maybe…

                “Oii! Look at here!” the voice talks to him. He looks at the mirror with shock. Inside, there is a human smiling at him.

                “It can’t be real… I must be dreaming…” He couldn’t feel his feet and he sits down with a loud thud.

                “Oi, keep quiet. You don’t want to make noise at night where everyone is sleeping,” the human inside the mirror warns him.

                “Err… riiight.”

                “Okay, now help me out. I want to go outside; your world.”


                The human puts his palms to his forehead, showing disappointment. “Gosh, you’re sillier that I thought. Just stretch your hands towards the mirror and touch it,” it orders Masao.

                Like been hypnotized, Masao does what it says. He stretches his hands towards the mirror and touches it. The human touches Masao’s reflection and then he grabs it very tightly. The hands are ice cold Masao actually shivers from it. “Now, pull.” Masao pulls with his strength and then PLOP! The human inside the mirror is in front of Masao, like a real human.

                “Now this is what I call freedom! Thanks buddy,” it smiles. Masao just nod. He couldn’t open his mouth to reply it. He just eyes the thing wandering inside his room like a kid. The thing just pops out from the mirror has a short hair but with a long bangs at each side of its face, wears a long winter coat, a hat on his left side of his head with a butterfly fluttering on it (and it’s funny because he saw that butterfly today), a glove, a pants and a boots. And everything on him is in blue color shade; dark blue, light blue, sky blue, you name it. Even his eyes and hair are in deep blue color. Like an ocean.

                “This room is quite big for you alone. Maybe I should stay with you. Then you’ll have a roommate! Isn’t that awesome?” It talks to Masao, which makes him startles to answer.

                “Err… excuse for interrupting your freedom from the mirror, but who are you? More importantly, what are you doing at here?” Masao finally has courage to ask the thing. It rises its’ eyebrow and smirk, like the question is useless.

                “Why, I’m a reflection from a mirror,” it answers shortly.

                “Yeah, I can see you, in front of me, like a normal human. Why did you…?”

                “Hmmmm…. Maybe I should sit first,” he finds a place near Masao and sits. It actually makes Masao uncomfortable that he tries to move away from it.

                “Okay, now I’m going to tell you. You better listen to it well because I won’t repeat it again,” Masao nods quickly, can’t hide his curiosity.

                “The truth is…. I’m a reflection from a mirror.”

                SMACK! Masao hits the human head with a tennis racket near him. “Don’t make such lame jokes. I’m tired of it already,” he stares it deeply. Masao swears that he could see that thing sweating.

                “O-o-okay…” It clears its’ throat and starts to talk.

                “I’m actually a fairy in the fairy tale world, a trainee. Don’t laugh! I know that I don’t have any wings or magic wand, but I’m still a fairy,” he shouts at Masao who tries to control his laughter. “I can travel anywhere in the fairy tale world, try to control the tale circle. Princes met princesses, fall in love, and then married happily ever after. Something like that. But then…” the fairy face grims.

                “W-what happen?”

                “Some evil fairy, named Elli, stole the princesses from the fairy tales that I had been assigned to by our chief, the Old One. This assignment will decides if I’m be able to become a true fairy or else. If I can’t manages to make the tales to its happy end, that’s it, I’m ditched from the fairy world and turned into a stone under the sea and forever forgotten,” it ends its story.

                “Sounds like a very bad punishment for someone like you.”

                “Yeah. But no worry, I found my hope,” he smiles.

                “What is it?”

                “Duh, it’s you, of course!”

                Silent. Masao opens his both eyes with shock. Mouth bobbing like a fish tried to get air.

                “What do you mean by… me? Being your hope?”

                “Well, I choose you to help me to make all of my assignments to their happy end, that’s it.”

                “WHAAAAATTT?!” Masao can’t help but to scream but then cuts off by the fairy.

                “Shhh… don’t make unwanted commotion,” it puts its finger on Masao’s mouth, trying to control the voice.


                “No buts. Now, let’s go!” It pulls Masao’s hand and then walks towards the mirror.

                “Go where?”

                “To the fairy tale world! For my first assignment!”

                “Wait! Before that, what is your name?” Masao forgets to ask the fairy the very important question.

                “Oh, my name is Wasao. Nice to meet you,” he smiles. “Now, I hope that you like sun and sand~”

                “What’s that supposed to mea— WAAAAA!!!” Wasao drags Masao to the mirror and disappears.


Storytale: Shall We Go? Chapter 1 part 2 [Aladdin and the Magic Lamp]

                Masao wakes up only to realize that he is on a chair— no, a sedan, beautifully decorated with sequins and colorful gems. Golden sun strikes to his eyes without mercy, so he has to use his palms to cover his eyes. The dusty winds blow makes him uncomfortable and sneezes loudly.

                “Are you okay, Princess?” someone asks him. Apparently it’s one of the guards who carry him on the sedan. Masao just nods.

                Wait, what did the guard called him?

                He immediately looks at himself. He’s not wearing his usual red shirt that he uses to sleep; instead he is wearing a violet robe with a long pant inside. On top of his head there is a small crown sits properly on his neck length black hair. He dresses like a princess! He looks around furiously and in a faint glow there is Wasao, floating around him and snickers.

                “My, this dress suits you better that the princess itself. I’m surprise,” he nods, seems that he is satisfied with what he just sees. Masao shakes his head and puts his hands at the edge of the sedan and points his index finger to Wasao, who is drifting back and forth.

                “Explain these; why I’m sitting on a sedan, why I’m under this hot and sandy atmosphere, and most importantly, why I’m wearing like a woman?” he desperately throws questions to Wasao.

                “Ehem, let me explain. Did you remember what happened in your room?” Masao nods. “Yes, I pulled you to the mirror. Now you’re inside the fairy tale world. Then I do a little magic, and voila! You are here, I brought you to my first assignment, ‘Aladdin and the Magic Lamp’,” after that Wasao twirls around the sedan and then bows. “The end.”

                “A-Aladdin? You mean that I’m inside the story?”


                “Inside “The Book of 1001 Arabian Nights” story book?”



                “Stop it. You make me thirsty already,” he gulps, trying to cool off his throat.

                “Oh, sorry. Here’s water,” Masao grabs a bottle of water inside the sedan and gives it to Wasao who looks very dying. He then swallows the water without any seconds waste. After having a drink, he looks energized, ready to talk again.

                “Umm… I think you forgot to answer my last question,” Masao reminds him. Wasao taps his fingers, remembered.

                “Well, didn’t I tell you that the princesses from the fairy tales were stolen by an evil fairy?”

                “Uh-huh— Wait, don’t tell me that I—”

                “Yeah, you get it right. You are the Princess from the ‘Aladdin and the Magic Lamp’, Jasmine if you want to use the Disney name, Halima if you prefer from Wikipedia or around the internet, or Sheera if you listen to Oujisama (warai) Series Volume 2,” Wasao chuckles on his own humor, while Masao’s jaw opens widely.

                “Why Princess!?”

                “Duh, ask the kidnapper. Probably jealous with them, who know,”

                Masao rubs his confused head. “This is hard… too hard for me…”

                “Don’t worry. All you need to do here is just follow the storyline and kiss Aladdin,” the last part makes Masao’s eyes wide open.

                “A whaaaat?!”

                “Ahhh… you’re such a nuisance, just follow the story. Ah, I think I found him,” Wasao points his finger towards a tan skinned guy. The guy stares at Masao. That manages a shade of red appears on both of his white cheek.

                “Who’s that? Why he’s staring at me like that?” Masao asks Wasao while fanning his red face. He doesn’t know why he should be blushing.

                “I don’t know what you guys call this on earth, but I think that Eros had shot an arrow to him. Good man, he is,” Wasao explains briefly.

                “Shot an arrow, don’t tell me—”

                “Yeah, he falls in love with you. And now we shall wait for tomorrow’s event,” he rubs both of his palms, shows eagerness. “I’m excited, actually.” Masao just squints on him and release a heavy sigh.

                “But before that, Wasao. I have a question.”


                “Why me? You know… being your helper in making your assignment’s a success…”

                “Who know? Maybe it’s our destiny to work together like this.”

                “Yeah… who know…” Both of them stare at the empty sky.


                Tomorrow. An old woman comes to their palace with a casket full of big diamonds. The Sultan, who now is Masao’s father, is drooling over the diamonds. Masao knows this part because Wasao tells him before he’s going to bed.

                “Aladdin’s mother will come tomorrow. Be sure to make up beautifully~” he then unwillingly blushes. Even though he hasn’t apply any make up on his face, Wasao’s sparkle magic makes his face glows radiantly and shows his beautiful face. Next to his father is the Chamberlain, eyeing lustfully to Masao’s body. Masao shots a scary glare, makes the Chamberlain looks away. Masao follows his father’s conversation with the old woman lazily.

                “Woman, where did you have this diamonds?”

                “It’s not me. It’s my son, Aladdin. He wishes you to give your daughter’s hands to him.”

                “Oooh, a propose. Then we shall—” the old Chamberlain whispers to the Sultan’s ears and then his face glows with satisfaction. “Before that, I must put you son’s wealth to a test. He must send me forty slaves tomorrow. Every slave must bring a box of precious stones. And forty Arab warriors must escort the treasure. Understand?” the condition that the Sultan has given makes Masao and the old woman shock disbelief.

                “Oi old— I mean, errr.. Father, aren’t we rich enough? Then why do we need more stones? It’ll use up more spaces in the stores, and that’s annoying!” Masao voices out his disagreement boldly. That shocks the entire palace.

                “Why, my princess? Why do you disagree?”

                “Because I don’t want more stones! I want a Gundam model!!”

                “Princess! Aren’t those are for boys? And you’re princess, mind you…” the Sultan’s face has red with anger but Masao ignores it totally.

                “Who care? A hobby is a hobby, and that’s it!” Masao stomps out from the place furiously. The rest blinks with a question mark on their face.

                “I think that we should change the condition a little bit more… ehem, the slave must bring a box of Gundam limited edition model. Deal?” the old woman just nod with sad eye.


                At the pond, Wasao rolling on the ground couldn’t control his laughter anymore. Masao pouts even longer than before.

                “Ahahahahha! A Gundam model? For a princess?! Don’t make me laugh— BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!” tears flowing from Wasao’s dark blue eye.

                “S-shut up. Stones are heavier than Gundam. Why trouble yourself to bring forty boxes of stones? Doesn’t make sense…” he shakes his head.

                “Because that’s the way of the fairy tale, silly. Pfffftt—” Wasao breaks into laugh again.

                “Say whatever you want,” he sulks under the shady tree.

                ‘And so the Sultan orders Aladdin’s mother to send him forty slaves tomorrow. Every slave must bring a box of a Gundam model. And forty Arab warriors must escort the model.’ This is hilarious!!!” Wasao turns back to mock Masao but he sees no one. Masao is already fall asleep under the shady tree. He walks towards him and sits next to him. He looks at Masao’s sleeping face and smiles.

                “You’re so cute,” and then he gives a gentle peck on Masao’s head. He Then he goes blank. He withdraws his lips from Masao’s head and stares Masao anxiously. But Masao seems not to notice what he just done to him. Wasao wakes up and quickens his pace to the fountain and disappears.


                The next day. Forty slaves carrying a box of Gundam limited edition model each and being escort by Arab warriors makes Masao’s eyes almost pop out from the socket. Even the Sultan and the Chamberlain couldn’t believe it. Aladdin is standing there and gives a wink to Masao. Masao flusters in respond.

                “My, you’re very rich, I tell you. The wedding— eh? What is it my Chamberlain?”

                “I’m just wondering, where the princess will live? He supposed to give her a house or something..” the Chamberlain gives another condition. The Sultan nods, giving green light.

                “That’s true. Well, you must build a great, splendid palace for my daughter,” Aladdin agrees and then goes home straight. Then Aladdin calls the Sultan and the rest to come to a new palace for Masao. When they arrive at there, all of them stagger. In front of them stand a wonderful palace, ready to move in.

                “Well, we all decide that Aladdin will become my in-law now!”

                In a blink of Masao’s eyes he is dress in the finest dress he ever sees in his hometown. And then he is sit next to Aladdin on the throne. And then everyone is starting to celebrate the princess’s wedding. Everything goes on a fast speed that he didn’t realize that Aladdin is standing in front of him.

                “My Princess, would you like to dance?” Aladdin asks politely. His hands stretch out to Masao.

                “Errr… I don’t know how to dance actually…” Masao lowers his head. Ashamed.

                “Eh, don’t worry. I’ll teach you. Like this…” in a flash his hand is on Masao’s waist and starts to dance around the dancing hall. Masao stammers and just follows the flow.


                Inside the princess’s room. Masao already in his night gown. Aladdin is having his bath. He is restless. Tonight is the moment. He blushes upon thinking of it. How should he explain that he’s actually a man from another dimension? Of course Aladdin would kick him and goes home and then Wasao won’t be having his happy end.

                “Nooooo!!!” he unexpectedly screams out loud.

                “What happens, princess?” Aladdin rushes in towards Masao with his body only wraps with a white towel. The good built tan skinned body is still wet with bath water. And Aladdin’s heat smells like lavender. Masao blushes after seeing the sight.

                “Ehh… it’s nothing. I’m just… stressed out.”

                “Stress? For what?”

                “Uhh… hard to explain…”

                “Doesn’t want to share a thing? How shame…”

                “It’s not like that! It just….”

                “Maybe I can help you…” Aladdin puts Masao gently under his body. He holds Masao’s face in front of him close and then kisses him. Masao’s face is red like a lobster’s being cooked when Aladdin plays his tongue with his.

                “Aladdin, I...!” He can’t say a word to him. He tries to pushes his away, but then Aladdin sandwiches his body with his. But them his face changes.

                “Aladdin…?” Masao doesn’t need to ask him. He already knows what Aladdin would ask him.

                “You’re…?” Aladdin’s face dark.

                “Well I… but let me explain first,” Aladdin didn’t raises his face towards Masao.


                “Okay,” he takes a deep breath and then tells him everything. When he finishes, Aladdin still doesn’t raise his head to him. Masao let out a heavy sigh.

                “I-I’m sorry that I lied to you. But then I have to help my fairy friend so…” Masao loses for words. Eventually both of them fall quiet. “I-I’m sorry…” Masao is about to walk away from Aladdin but then suddenly he is being pulls to the bed. It’s Aladdin, face goes all red.

                “Aladdin—” Aladdin closes Masao’s mouth with his. After a few seconds in this position, Aladdin finally breaks the contact. Both of them panting for air. Masao closes his face, avoiding eye contact with the man on his top.

                “W-what is that for…?” Masao asks timidly, worries if Aladdin would go mad to him.

                “If you’re in love, everything will be forgiven, aye?” Aladdin strokes Masao’s chin and hold it in place. Masao blinks, didn’t quite gets the gist of the meaning. But then his worries slide away when Aladdin kisses him back. And everything works like it supposed to be.


                Wasao snickers after seeing Masao limping towards the bathroom in the morning.

                “Enjoy your lovey-dovey moment together, I suppose?”

                “None of your business…” Masao disappears into the bathroom. Wasao just shakes his head, amused.

                A few days later. An old merchant comes to their house. “Old lamps for new,” he chants. Masao, who tries to complete the whole Gundam model annoys with the chanting. He leaves the half-finished model and storms towards the old man.

                “Oii!! Would you please shut the hell up!? I’m trying to finish my ultimate piece of Gundam up there!” Masao screams at the old man’s ear loudly. But the old man ignores it and asks him. “Do you have old lamp?”

                “What lamp? We don’t use lamps here, we use pendafluor lamps thank you,” he answers grimly and shuts the door at the old man’s face. The old man knocks the door loudly. Masao tries to ignore the noise but then suddenly the old man is standing in front of him, making Masao shrieks in surprise.

                “How did you come inside?!”

                The old man snickers. His eyes glow in deep red. “You’re playing pranks with wrong person, missy,” his voice doubles to the point that Masao’s having a headache. Then the old man flicks his fingers and all of a sudden Masao faints. The old man gives Masao a drop of liquid from his pocket and then snaps his fingers again. Masao opens his eyes, but he is been hypnotizes entirely.

                “Now then,” the old man smirks, “where Aladdin did keep the old lamp, my princess?”

                Completely out of control of his will, Masao walks towards the attic and shows him the old lamp Aladdin had been hiding it from one’s eyes. The old man snatches the lamp from its place and quickly begins to rub it. A cloud of smokes appears from the mouth of the lamp, forming a huge figure. It’s a genie of the lamp. The old man laughs evilly.

                “What you wish for, my master?” the genie offers.

                “Hmm…. I want to make that wicked Aladdin goes suffer. So I want you to take all of his possessions to one of my resort. You know, near the Sinbad’s castle?” The genie nods. “Then good, now do it quickly. I want to show that old geezer that I also have properties.”

                Then everything Aladdin owns has disappeared. All that’s left are the genie, the old man and Masao.

                “Errr…. Master?”


                “How about the princess?” the genie asks. Masao stares at them emptily.

                “Hmmmm… take her too. I want to teach her a lesson…” he laughs even louder. The genie just nods at the old man’s wish.


                Masao rubs his eyes. It feels like taking a long nap for no reason. He stretches his body. Now he feels a little bit better. After that he wanders around the room. It feels like his, but it’s too dark. He tries to find a light source. He finds it and TAP! Everything goes bright. And standing in front of him is the old man, sitting on Aladdin’s favorite chair.

                “You! Why are you still here! I told you that I don’t have any lamps to give to you? Why you are so stubborn!?” He blurts his anger to the old man. But the old man didn’t respond to him.

                “You should at the window, and then we’ll do the talking.”

                Masao feels like punching him for ordering him inside his house. But he does what the old man says. He walks to the nearest window and stuns. The view… isn’t like what he used to see. He opens the window panel and puts his hand outside, to see if there’s any background hang at the windows. But there’s nothing. So that’s left is…

                “Where am I?”

                He snickers. “Well, you’re at my house. That explains the whole thing.”

                “But… this is my room. How could it be that this is your house?”

                “Simple. I take your palace and zap it into my house.”

                Masao blinks. Something clicks in his mind.

                “You’ve kidnap me!!!” He screams loudly even the old man closes his ears with his palms.

                “SHUT THE HELL UP!” The old man raises his wooden wand and murmurs something. Then a piece of cloth flies towards Masao and ties itself to his mouth. Masao opens his eyes in horror. He tries to tear the cloth, but pieces of ropes crawling to him and tie a knot to his hands and feet. Now he couldn’t move an inch. The old man laughs.

                “Much better. Now you’re my servant. No excuses,” the old man commands. Even though Masao’s mouth has been tied, the old man can sees that he is smirking at him. “Don’t make me drug you. You wouldn’t know what I’ll do to you on that time,” Masao’s eyes wide open after hearing that. The old man chuckles. “Just one of my black humor. Now then…” the old man touches Masao’s lips and glosses something on it. It smells like marker pen, Masao almost vomits on the old man’s face. Then the old man does something drastic. He kisses Masao’s lips and pushes something like a liquid to his mouth. Masao tries to block the thing from flows into his throat, but the old man bites his tongue, making Masao’s tongue jerks and the liquid enters his throat swiftly. After that Masao’s mind swirls.

                “Aladdin… help me…” he desperately calls Aladdin, but everything goes black once again.


                Few days have passes. Masao has to work for the old man, or he is supposed to call him Master, but Masao disgusts to call him that, so he calls him old man until now. The old man has a very unhealthy eating habit. He always summons him to bring sugary snacks and sweet pastries. What annoys him most is when he doesn’t get what he wants; he would threat him to kiss him. Masao shivers on what he just thinks of. The old man’s mouth is very disgusting, like when you don’t brush your teeth after you ate all of the sweets and such. Up until now he would bushes hard to get rid of the horrible essence he just tasted.

                “Missy!” Masao doesn’t respond. He’s too busy playing with his small crown on his head.

                “Missy! Don’t make me come to you!” Masao’s hand stops. He knows what the old man will do to him. He quickly comes to see the old man. “Now I want to have a lemon tea. Put an extra sugar to it, okay?” He just shrugs quietly and walks towards the kitchen.

                When he is preparing the tea, he sees something moving behind the kitchen’s curtain. He is scared. He quickly grabs a spatula and walks towards the moving curtain. He pulls the curtain quietly and something hugs him tightly. He smells lavender. On that instance his eyes full with tears.

                “Aladdin… I knew you would come to rescue me…” he couldn’t hold his tears longer, so the tears flow to his cheek like river. Aladdin wipes his tears and kisses him quick.

                “Of course I will, you’re my princess. But quiet, don’t let him hears you. Take this powder and put it into his tea. Trust me,” Aladdin says in hush voice. Masao just follows what he says. He trusts Aladdin. After that he serves the tea to the old man.

                “Why take you so long?” the old man annoys but Masao doesn’t answers. The old man quickly drinks the tea because of the thirst. The powder quickly takes effect and the old man falls into a deep sleep. Masao kicks him to make sure that he is sleep or not. Then he shows a thumb up to Aladdin. Aladdin enters the room and hugs him lovingly. After he releases the hug, he searches for something.

                “What are you looking for?”

                “A lamp. A very old looking lamp. Do you see it anywhere?”

                “Is it important?”

                “Yes. To me and to the old man too.”

                “If I’m not mistaken, I see a lamp under his pillow. He has a habit to keep important things under his pillow,” says Masao in confidence that makes Aladdin fires up with jealousy.

                “You know him well just for few days?”

                “Errr… well he forces me to remember things. If not he’s going to… never mind. Just look for it under the pillow,” suggests Masao desperately.

                Aladdin then lowers his head under the pillow. “Aha! The lamp! At last,” he hastily rubs it. Masao knows what will appear. So he takes an opportunity to tie the old man’s body firmly and kicks him hard. He laughs cruelly.

                “Take that! And that! That’s what you get when you force me to become your servant! Ahahahaha!!!” Aladdin and the genie’s conversation interrupt after hearing Masao’s hysterical laugh.

                “Umm… princess? Mind if you lower your voice a little bit?” Aladdin tilts his head to Masao. Masao blushes deeply and holds his tongue, doesn’t want to make any noise.

                “Now, I want you to make this old man disappears before our eyes.”

                "At your command," the genie smiles. After that the wizard vanishes into thin air.

                “Can’t we go back home now? To our kingdom?” Masao tries to put his cute face. Aladdin just pinches his cheek softly.

                “Of course. The magic that brought you here will take you back, but with me at your side, forever,” and then both of them kiss lovingly. The genie at the back, which is holding the palace, pukes sparkles upon watching them.

                “No need to do that in front of me. It’s disgusting.”

                “You’re just jealous~” Aladdin provokes.


                And all of them float to the kingdom in a great speed. Masao hugs Aladdin tenderly.

                I think I’m in love, he thinks.


                Everyone shock. Why? Because the missing palace, the princess and Aladdin himself appear in front of the crowd who are gathering at the Sultan’s palace.

                “My daughter…? Aladdin…?” the Sultan asks timidly.

                “Father!” both of them shout and rush to hug the Sultan.

                “I’m so happy that both of you come back! I thought that I’ve lost you!”

                “Sorry father, it won’t happen again! I promise!”

                “Apologize accepted. Now it’s time for the celebration!”


                At night. Aladdin and Masao lie on the ground gazing at the sky that full with dazzling stars. Both of them holding hand lovingly. But Masao isn’t able to enjoy the moment he is having right now. If he remembers correctly, the ‘Aladdin and the Magic Lamp’ has achieve the happy end. So he is going to leave this place in any moment. Masao’s restless face makes Aladdin wakes up.

                “Why, my princess? Why you’re so sad?”

                “Aladdin… I think that this is the end,” Masao looks deeply into Aladdin’s eyes. Aladdin seems to understand what Masao tries to talk about.

                “Don’t be sad. We’re still being able to be together like this soon.”

                “How?” Masao puzzles.

                “You have the ‘Aladdin and the Magic Lamp’ story book with you at your world, right?” Masao nods. “So when you read the book, our hearts will be connect,” Aladdin touches his chest, then Masao’s. Masao’s heart thumping faster than ever.

                “How come you are so sure about this?”

                “The power of love,” Aladdin then kisses him fondly. Masao tries to control his tears from flowing, but he fails. The warm tears drop to Aladdin’s hands. Behind Aladdin there is Wasao, standing hollowly.

                ‘It’s time,’ he mouths to Masao. Masao nods slowly.

                “Aladdin… it’s time for me to go.”

                “Okay…” Aladdin releases his hand from Masao’s shoulder. His eyes swallow. Masao’s body begins to disappear when he just remembers what he wants to say.

                “Aladdin… I want to tell you that…. I love you.”

                “I love you too… Masao,” it’s a first time that he calls him his real name. Masao cries even more.

                After that, Masao and Wasao disappear completely.


Storytale: Shall We Go? Chapter 1 part 3 [Epilogue]

                Masao wakes up on his bed. His cheeks are dried with salty tears. In front of him is Wasao, staring at him.

                “You know what? I think we just finished my first assignment.”

                “Yeah, which costs me a lot of tears,” Masao wipes his face using a wet tissue near him.

                “I didn’t expect you to cry like that.”

                “Whatever. What time is it?”

                “Almost 3 o’clock in the morning.”

                “What? The whole story takes almost five hours to finish?!”

                “Actually its three and a half, if you didn’t drag your love moments too long, that is,” Wasao smirks. He is teasing him again.

                He blushes. “It’s…”

                “Well, thank you for helping me tonight. I think I should go for a sleep.”

                “Yeah, I have school to attend after this. Goodbye.”

                “Bye,” then Wasao disappears into the mirror completely. Masao continues his sleep. He still wonders what happened just now is only a dream or reality.

[author's note: It's finished! I wonder I should make another story with other fairy tale?]
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