Sunday, September 23, 2012

Who waits for K?

I do! When the trailer was aired on Animax, I was stunned for a bit. The whole animation was, for me, great! And  those flames ufufu interesting.

And here's one of the trailer (there's 4 if I remember correctly):

I paused at 1:13, and guess what?

I already ship them! Woohoo Megane x Gakupo+Sebastian-like!


Well, I know some of the seiyuus. They'll have Namikawa Daisuke, Ono Daisuke, Miyano Mamoru, Sakurai Takahiro, Fukuyama Jun and Kaji Yuuki! (and some others too)

Look at here for more information:

1 comment:

  1. Oh, my Lord, I can't wait for it!
    But I think I'll ship Gakupo-Sebas dude X the cute white haired boy.


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