Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Birthday! My Nephew Turns 2!

My nephew, Alif Muhaimin turns 2 today! Congratulations! Her plans was she would call a clown to entertain guests. And I say no. She listened. Glad.

So, the theme is red and white.

^ this is him. Cute, right!

So I went out and I saw the party planner was setting things up.

^ the buffet table

^ the "Happy Birthday" decoration

^ the Secret Recipe cakes for the birthday party

^ the berry-jam cupcakes

^ the chocolate fountain section (And my favourite!)

^ the pandan-flavoured cupcakes

So now we were waiting for the guests to arrive. And when the time came, Alif started to make trouble, he doesn't want to meet the people.

^ his naughty face xD

 And when I turned my head to left, I saw the chocolate fountain, filled with warm chocolate!


^ the guests arrived

^ this is getting worse, he slides down the stairs xD he doesn't want to cut the cake

^ and the fruits! Yum!

^ his face while playing at the field in Australia

^ lastly he obeyed his mother to cut the cake. And the last, well, he saw me and quickly shook his head and cried xD 

^ and the eating begin!

^ those jelly beans, gummy bears, all sort of sweetness treat

Without realized it was dusk! The party ended and at night I opened his present from my brother. It was a remote control fire truck! I decided to give a shot by moving it to and fro. I can see that he is jealous with me because he can't control it. So he snatched the remote and took the truck and guess what he did?

He ride on it!

^ see how happy he is xD

And that's it! Congratulations Alif Muhaimin!

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