Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Maybe I already lost my passion

Go here if you want to read something about it

Back then, I used to not care whether there's any people reading my blog. I kept on writing about what interests me in my life, about my friends, about my family.

I had fun. I care nothing about the blog views, comments, followers, or something like that.

But that whole things changed after I take a step further from watching anime and listening to Japanese songs. I started to play visual novels, posted walkthroughs, and even do some translation of drama CD.

I don't know. But after that I'm merely focusing on attracting more views. More comments. More followers. I write more on games, translations, anything that are related to my hobby. Now I even add ads to increase my money pocket.

 And now I want to translate a game. yes, A VISUAL NOVEL GAME.
I don't quite feel anything about writing my life story. Heck, I don't even post anything that are related to my life anymore since late 2012. My focus of blogging had change.

I don't know whether this change is good or bad.

I am a hypocrite person. sadface.png.
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