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[TRANSLATION] Hoka Hoka Tsundere Onsen

Right, I'm going to post chains of drama CD translation. I'm going to start with something short, that is Hoka Hoka Tsundere Onsen. Hoka hoka means warm, so the English meaning of this title is Warm Tsundere Hot Spring.

Attention: This is not an accurate translation. I just got the gist of the full content. If you spot any mistakes in my translations, please correct it. Thank you~

Takahashi Hiroki as your tsundere boyfriend


*sound effect* (English meaning for certain Japanese word) [my thought while listening to it]

Track 2: To train

I’m sorry for inviting you so sudden. You shocked, right? I thought of this before falling asleep while working. You always talked about going to onsen (hot spring), so… It’s nothing, I don’t care about staying at house alone, but having a break after a while working, I think that we could be staying together for a while. It’s just having another key would be a trouble, it’s not for your pleasure on else. Don’t get me wrong. Why did you laugh? Weird person. *paper?* Besides, you did bring a lot of sweets. Perhaps you want to eat all of them. If you eat all of them, you wouldn’t be able to eat dinner. Don’t make yourself looks like a kid. Are you really okay? Well, just take some. Ah, that’s right. I don’t want sweets. I want an orange. *peel orange* Ah, what is it? Is something wrong? Ha? Are you fool? I can do it alone. After all, is it possible to feed me at such this place? Hey, give it to me. I can eat it alone. *eat* Don’t make that face for not being able to do it. Is it my fault? I didn’t mean to be mean. It’s embarrassing if someone sees us like this. No, I didn’t mean I’ll get embarrassed when we are flirting or else. [icha icha means flirt right!?] Ah, what a troublesome. Quick, aaah… what are you thinking? Do it faster. *swallow* Honestly, I look like idiot. I never want to do it again. After is or anytime I’ll refuse. Ah! *swallow* You are persistent. Hey, don’t laugh. I said don’t laugh. Well, if you had fun, then I don’t mind.

After we get on the train, you didn’t watch the scenery? You said that riding a train is okay than riding a car, so I choose the express train. Outside the window, it’s great. O-oi, what are you doing? Suddenly your hand- Don’t link your hand. Well, if not you can’t do it, stupid. There’s no need to do it. Your hand, forever will be link together. Don’t look at me, look at the window. That’s right. From earlier I look at you. Reason? What… if you didn’t listen you should know. Why your face is red? It’s just then until now I teased you severely, you have become weak. But still you look cute. Ah no, if you didn’t hear it then good. Ah, the sky is wide. Country sky is beautiful, right? Look, you should look too. I too will look it properly. You took the trouble to choose the train. This decision, we should take some time to have pleasure.

Track 3: Inn

*door* Ah, this room is quite good. Before this I thought that it will be bad, but now it’s a good thing. *walk**curtain* I can see a lake from here. Let’s take a walk after this. That’s right, there’re surely have lots of souvenir down there. Ah, wait! Leave that place until then. Don’t move to there. *curtain**walk* You, close your eyes. Just do it. Ah, you’re annoying. I said close your eyes then close your eyes. *sfx?* You don’t see a thing? You okay, right? I’ll hold your hand, so you have to be careful with your feet and walk slowly. Right, slowly… there’s something under here, be careful. Don’t trip over. *fell down* Oh, just as I said it—ah, don’t open your eyes yet. Right, close your eyes. *sliding door* Okay, you can open it. Look, isn’t it great? There’s even this kind of place in this room. Of course, there’s also a hot spring outside. Since there’s this kind of accommodation, I decided that I really want this room. So, I’m glad that I get it. We should enter it in this evening. *clothes?* H-hey, isn’t it too early to change? This sudden change… You’re a real idiot. L-look, let me go. *clothes**door* Err… right, should you take out the tea? We have tea and sweets in the room, right?

*pour tea* Thanks. This is quite good somehow. I forgot everything about the job, time, and daily stuff. I never thought that I would have time to drink tea together with you. The job? Well, I’m busy of course. I sometime feel I want to quit, but I have made a promise to you, something like… “I’ll work hard”? When in the morning, when it turns to tomorrow, when I end this job, I want to meet you… that’s how I think. S-stupid, I’m blushing because of you, because I said some embarrassing. *walk* Let’s go look at the lake. You want to look at souvenir, right?

Track 4: Sightseeing

Heh, there’re a lot of people at this area. What they are doing? They sure have lots of time. Hm? Oh, that’s right, you thought that we’re just like them. I-I don’t really have free time, but I want to find important moments with you at here. Are they same like us? They do want to find some fun between their busy life. But I don’t want to travel much. We don’t know what happened while we return, but if not then I’ll start to say something not casual. Should we go to the lake? I don’t want to miss you, don’t let go of my hand, okay? *walk*

*wind* The wind is quite strong. Are you cold? [do you want to hug me? *u*] Is that so? Then it’s okay. Boat? That’s right. I think we should ride on it. *grass* O-oi! Don’t run! Honestly, you look like a kid. *walk* [that’s not running]

*water* This is…. I never thought of doing something embarrassing like this. What’re talking about? It’s about rowing this. Even though it’s not what it seems, but this is embarrassing. Why, you say? That’s why I said it’s not what it seems. That’s why… for the sake of a woman, I who am a hard working person, looks like an idiot. N-no! I didn’t said that I don’t want to do this, but… I never thought of doing this kind of thing, going to a lake, rowing a boat, doing this for a woman, I really never thought of this before. W-what are you doing? *stands on the boat* [titanic time!] Don’t stand up! This is dangerous! *gasp**fall* You, what’re doing? What will happen if you fall down?! [you’re going to save me of course~] I-I didn’t mean to mad at you… I’m angry or I’m worried... Eh? Did I suddenly raise my voice? Err… s-sorry! I’m ashamed… I’m okay, really. You should sit properly. I-it’s my job to… entertain you… *water*

Track 5: Souvenir

*door* There’s a lot of things here. Why people like to buy souvenir? Oh? I don’t want. I don’t have anyone to give particularly, since I didn’t tell anyone that I’m on a holiday. You have friends right? What do you want to buy? Sweets? Huh? Me? Well…. is that so… if it’s for me, then I’ll take those sweets over there. Why do you want to hear my suggestion? It’s for your friends, right? A thing that people will love it? I don’t know others, but for me, if it’s not sweets, I like something that I can use. Like, a strap? [strap? phone strap? srsly] Whenever I’m tired, I’ll open it. What? You’re going to choose the strap? You don’t want sweets after all? You don’t have to listen what is my opinion. There’s only a piece left, or other people will get angry. Therefore—o-okay, okay I’ll properly choose what I like, you don’t have to hold me like that. *walk**chain* There’s a lot of type at here. What’s this round thing? Is it some kind of character? Tamago-chan? Oh, is it an egg from the hot spring? There’s hot spring egg, boiled egg, raw egg, if we didn’t buy we didn’t know that. Moreover, there’re colourful too. I know only white colour, there’s also pink, crystal, and yellow too? Now they’re not eggs anymore. Well, whatever. Hm, what? You want this Tamago-chan? Why are you laughing? I-isn’t it looks funny if someone who looks serious all time buy Tamago-chan? I-I don’t mind. If you have chosen this then just buy it. C-colour? Just choose what suits the person you want to give. You’re giving to a man, right? This is absolutely annoying. Well… crystal colour is okay. I’ll choose crystal one. What? You want to buy pink and crystal? Give it to me, I’ll pay it. *chain* What? Did I say it clearly? Hm? I’m okay if you want to pay it. Okay, now just go and pay already. I’ll wait at here.

*door* Are you sure you want to buy that only? I thought that you should buy something else. *bag* Oi, why did you take it? Aren’t you buying it for someone else? What, you choose pink for yourself. That why you didn’t mind—*bag* Hm? Why did you give that to me? Do you want me to hold it? Hah, for me? [pffft dude, it’s obvious] I-I did say that I want a strap… why did you do this? Perhaps did you search souvenir to buy for me? W-well… technically I’m the one who pay for this trip, but isn’t that what I should do, because this is our first trip. *bag* Tamago-chan… Since we chose for a man, so this should be good, because, I’m a guy, having Tamago-chan as a strap. Even it’s cute, this is too much. I didn’t said that since it’s crystal colour. Because whatever the colours are, it’s still Tamago-chan. *bag* H-hey, why? Give it back! I didn’t say that I don’t want it! Since this will use on the phone, I’m doing a preparation for it. R-right, a preparation. I glad that you like scary thing, but… a crystal-coloured Tamago-chan? R-right, Tamago-chan… this is too much. *laugh* You and the scary Tamago-chan, I’ll keep it.

Track 6: Dinner

*clothes* Wait, isn’t it too early to get change? What? About that yukata. Aren’t you going for a bath after this? The dinner is getting cold, if you enter the bath there’s no time anymore to eat. Because you unexpectedly went out. Hm? Ah, it suits you. What? You choose it, of course I’ll praise it with full heart. Yeah, it suits you, it suits you. Hey, don’t waste time. That’s why I said it suits you—*hit* No one said that it doesn’t suit! It suits you! Okay enough. You’re really annoying. Now, let me look at it. Turn around. I want to see at the back. *walk* Isn’t it suits you? Just what I thought. It has colours, pretty, and overall eye-catching. W-what? I was praising you, why did you turn around? It’s embarrassing, don’t make me said it again. I’m quite embarrassed. Ah, the meal is getting cold. Sit here.

*boiling water* It’s quite magnificent. It looks delicious. If it’s not at this time, I won’t be able to eat this meal. Eh? Idiot. No one says that your cooking is bad. This meal should be made from a pro. [are you being sarcastic?] Your cooking have technique and warm. So, you don’t have to make something weird. Besides, your cooking is… quite tasty. Right. Quite. Eh? Quite is quite. There’s no other meaning. Why did you stifling? R-right. My meaning of ‘quite tasty’ is… err, absolutely delicious. I like something like this, so remember it well. *startle* I-isn’t it already soaking? Right. Be careful, since you like to move around. [I’m not a kid D<] Don’t pour the sauce too much. It’ll drip. Idiot, be careful— *something fell* [oops] I-I’m sorry. You move around because of me. Ah no, I’m okay. Since the tea is cold, I didn’t feel hot. *wipes* Oi, I’m really fine, since I’m going to take a bath after this. *startles* Okay. Since you said that, I’ll let you do it. *wipes* Thanks. I’m sorry. *kiss**shock? xD* I-I’m sorry, I didn’t realized—just now, r-right! It’s me. I look like an idiot, giving out a kiss. T-that’s not it, there’s tea so I wipe—that’s more weird, in other word, the kiss just now is… like that. I always thought that you’re cute. So… without realization, I kissed you. *move* Sigh, whatever. I can’t be like myself when I’m together with you. It’s your fault. [I didn’t do anything e_e] You’re patient, so you’re cute. There’s no use acting all cool with someone like you. I’m sorry, I put the blame on you. I’m always like this. Besides, when you’re shaken, my pace is falling. After all, I didn’t hate you. *kiss* [tsuntsun overload ///] We can’t do it right now. Before we go for a bath we’ll fall asleep. So, we’ll do it after this? [get ready for some smexiness /nudge]

Track 7: Bathing

*clothes**breaths**something went pyon?* Ah? There’s nothing. *pyon again* Don’t look at me. R-right, I’m embarrassed. When I think about it, this is our first time taking bath together. Don’t make a “I’m glad” attitude. That’s… though I’m looking forward about it, somehow… how should I said it—*clothes*Ah! *fall* You— *run**door* A-ah… god, you’re an innocent person.

*water* It isn’t hot? Are you okay? Is that so? Then it’s okay. Why you’re so far away when you can come closer to me. “It’s embarrassing”? That’s not an attitude from someone who just undresses my yukata. [I did whaaaat o///o] Now, come. *water* Look at the window. We can see stars clearly. It has been such a long time since I feel this peace. I’m glad that we came here. I’ve been indulged in works always, I’m sorry. I really want to see you before that. But, I’m clumsy. I cannot keep a balance about my work time and spend time with you. But that’s not a reason why I can’t see you, of course I know that, I hope. And I understand when you’re feeling lonely when I’m not there. And then, I feel like I’m not for you, I’m feeling a little afraid. Just now I think that whether you still want to be with me, that’s a big decision that needs courage. Are you still fine with someone like me? Can you be together with me? *water* W-what are you doing? Eh? There’s nothing, not that I don’t trust you or something— *water* S-Stop! Don’t do that! *grab hand?* If you didn’t stop that, I’ll get mad. [what kind of mad hmmmm?] *kiss* Ah, I’m sorry. The story just now, somehow makes my feelings reach you… *kiss* I’m sorry. Please forgive me. You believe in me, right? Therefore, I can’t just not to believe you. *kiss* [just go on, I understand]

Track 8: Going to bed

*crickets* Are you okay? Has your feeling come back together? Honestly, you can’t even bear yourself with the hot water just now? After I just said that you need to come early. Is that so? If you’re okay then it’s good. But, just go to sleep because we’re going to have a long train ride. If we missed it then it’s troublesome. Hm? I don’t mind though, since you have a narrow futon (bed sheet). Come here. *moves* You’re warm. You still have hot spring sense. After that, is it the shampoo? *laugh* Is that so? Since we use the same shampoo after all. Hm? Am I warm too? Is that so? I’m glad. *moves* Why are you apologies? That’s not something important. Moreover, you’re tired right? So that’s okay. Did you have fun in this trip? That’s great. This trip, if you said that you’re happy, then that’s important. So, since you said that you’re happy, I’m fine with it. *move**kiss* Hm? Why? A good night kiss? *kiss* You, are you really okay? *kiss* You’re okay. *kiss* Since you said that you’re okay… *kiss* I can’t hold it any longer. *kiss* The real thing is, when we entered the bath together, *kiss* no, since we’re having the meal, *kiss* I always want to break you.*kiss* Tomorrow, I won’t do something rough that you won’t wake up, *kiss* so… okay? *clothes* [o/////////o]

Track 9: Going home

*train* Interesting time is something that is hard to explain. Time moves really fast is, right, like middle school’s outing. *clothes* Sorry, I feel like an old man. But, we did have a nice time. The things that we did make me want to become closer to you. Stupid, that’s a joke. I’m working tomorrow. Well… sooner or later we’ll have our long sleep and longer trip. Ah, this is a promise. Okay, pinky promise. You’re really annoying thing sometimes. What? Are you sleepy? Okay, come here closer. Nature is pretty. Mysterious, it feels like it has life. When we going home, don’t you feel like a little sad? This is not like me. What? You already sleep? She seems fall asleep. Thanks for today. Next time we’ll do it slowly. *kiss* 

Track 10: Free talk

[fyi, I really don’t understand 89% of this track, so…. I’m sorry!]

How is it? That’s a fun journey, right? I’m the one that accompany you in this journey, Takahashi Hiroki. Hmmm, this is, should I read it? Tsundere Hot Spring, the title that I’m supposed to read alone at here. I’m not quite, no, it’s my first time that I’m become tsundere. Well, I don’t know dere, I somehow need guide from someone, and then the staff helped me, in making that into my mind. Now, even though it’s about two people entered the hot spring, some says that Takahashi Hiroki is casual with it. Well! I don’t really have time to do it, somehow, be able to watch a program related about it, something like hot spring guide, and then I read a lot about it, there’s no fun at all, but I think that hot spring situation is pretty interesting. But still I didn’t do it. Just now, about the super sentou (big public bath place), if it still called that, or super shisetsu (a facility of nursing?), have been receiving enhancements, a lot, that is. Well whatever it is, there’s a nursing facility inside the city. 

I thought that’s the only thing, but when I bought something, they have option for akatree [wut da phak? this is wrong, someone please help me wtf he just said], which is happened to be on promotion on steam treatment. Well there’s a lot of other things too, like foot massage, pelvis massage *laugh* [LOL]. There’re people who use it. There are. But akatree, wait, do you understand it? [da phak is that?] That’s one of the new arrivals, it’s like, how is it, it rubs on the body to remove dirt and you go through under water and it all comes off. So since it’s a new thing so I thought it would a good thing. When I bought it, why there are only women at the inside? There’s no men who knows about the series, since I didn’t any men at there, is it for women only? The women at the akatree place, like, how many of them? Like 56 of them, there’s no wallpaper or stocks, there’s no door at all too. No door, like, during the arrival of the thing, when you’re in my position, you’ll be embarrassed. Definitely, stocks is the first, since I want to think what I want to buy. Perhaps, the market manager at Tokyo, *laugh* somehow listens to this, please do something in advance, definitely. I said something weird if there’s something weird happened to sell. Hot spring is great. Occasionally in peacefulness, using the hot spring, eating something delicious, then together become good. Right? When the darkness at night disappear—what? That’s wrong. *laugh* The trip has the good feeling occasionally. Today I want to go somewhere too. This is fun. How do you think of it? Thus, we shall meet next time. I’m Takahashi Hiroki.

Track 11: Secret time

*phone* Hello? Is that you? What? Now? I’m outside of the company. I just finished my work. The strap? Ah, of course I use it. What? It’s the one that you bought for me, the crystal one. Crystal colour is crystal colour. That’s why—the one that you bought, you have the pink one, right? You did it on purpose? It’s Tamago-chan. It’s crystal colour strap, Tamago-chan. Satisfied? Good grief. Do you have time right now? If you okay, shall we go and have dinner together? Since you insist, I’ll show you the strap that I used on my phone. Is that so? What time will you come out? You don’t have to dress up. You’re always—err, have nice clothes, right? So I don’t mind what you wear. Then, I’ll wait you at the same place after one hour. Okay, see you later. *hang up*

Well, I'm off to bed. Peace.


  1. THANK YOU very, very MUCH for the translation

    i love this drama cd so much

  2. Really appreciate the translations :)
    And sorry, this doesn't really belong here, but I wasn't sure where/how to ask you lol.
    I saw on tumblr that you were trying to get diabolik lovers to work with the psp emulator?
    Were you ever able to succeed? Cause I'm having the same problem :( Thanks!

    1. Haha I already deleted the whole game file and the psp emulator. I am now officially hate psp games xDDD

    2. LOL really? But hakuouki worked absolutely perfectly, though i don't get what's wrong with diabolik lovers xD Well thanks anyways!

    3. I know, there must be something evil plotted behind diabolik lovers xDD


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