Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yesterday I dreamt about him

Who is he? He's the one who gave me this metal key chain. Refer to this post.

Out of the blue I dreamt of him yesterday. I was like (o___o;) in my dream when I saw him. Heck, even my dream self can't believe it. Well since it's a dream then anything can happen, right?

The dream was nothing special. It's just like a movie, a reminiscent of him talking to me, sitting next to me, giving me the key chain, asking me about homework, all sort of mundane stuff until the bit of this last moment.

While I stood there, in the dream, watching the moment, I got this mixed feelings. To be honest, the feelings that lumped in your throat and chest were freaking annoying. Why I turned out to be like this? It's a one-sided interest though since there's nothing happened between us.

This give me a head ache. I want to throw away this feelings. I hate to keep this feelings in my body. My mind. My soul.

And, without realized, I cried. In the the dream. In the darkness.


I woke up with tears streaming to my cheeks. Aaah the worst way ever to start a day.
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