Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DRAMAtical Murder re:connect (DMMd re:connect) (PC) Mini Game Walkthrough by the Awesome Me


I officially finished DRAMAtical Murder re:connect last night so expect walkthrough for it. But before that...

I played the mini game first! Haha it's strange because most people anticipated the ADV but for me my curiosity on the mini game increases when I watched Nitro+CHiRAL livestream and the guy that hosted the stream showed the sneak peak of it.

For the first time the mini game deserve it's own post. You'll thank me later.

Starting the game...

Fluffy Ren explains to us on how to play. Look at the tongue. So pink.

Our next rival is Mizuki! Actually I won it easily but I want to see his winning face so here we go. Soooo cute!

Then Koujaku with his winning face. I love how Beni is  sitting on his head with his poker face.

Clear with his winning.... flowers?

Virus with his winning face and flowers.

"Can you give me a winning reward?"

Not in the deal but okay!

 And the game gets tougher by introducing Alpha!  I lost to him for like 3 times in a row because I don't know how to use the special card xDD

In the end I choose Clear's card. It shows us the rest of the card that we choose.

It's quite time consuming to inspect every single card. And Alpha said "Aren't you taking more time?" I smell provocation...

"I win!"
"I can't believe that!"

Lolol I still win despite of all your card shuffling~

"No way... I lost to a human just like that..."

 Deal with it. :B

Ryuuhou!!!!! Okay he always win! But it's kinda worth the lose because of that smile

I accidentally lose D: sorry Koujaku I didn't mean to!

Lol technically it suppose to match because that is still Noiz.

And something unexpected happened when I'm having a match with Mink. A draw! And that leads to...

SUDDEN DEATH! You have to admit that when Aoba said that it sounds adorable :3

 I have to choose a matching card to win this. It's quite stressing out when the opposing side says "This is taking time" and such.

 In the end, I lose. Sigh... ONE MORE TIME!

Okay, after that stressful moment of choosing the card, we move to... Toue! I thought that you're the final boss! Whatever.

He is the most annoying rival in this mini game because he always blocked us from using the special card! Just like this:

It's quite a waste when the special card we choose earlier can make us win blocked by that Toue flowery thing D:<

Good thing that I choose a card that can be used twice :D LOLOL SUCK THAT TOUE

 And the final boss is....

SEI, AOBA'S TWIN'S BROTHER! Let's enjoy this last battle!

Damn it Sei where is the card pattern!? D: and look at that number! ERMAHGERD

Oh well, it's time to use.... Koujaku's card!

I personally like this card and I totally abuse it because it reduces the amount of the matching card with a few slice here and there...

And then bam! We'll win this!

And that's it for the mini game! Congratulations for completing it~

Tae appears on the menu after you completed the mini game. And you can see that I haven't touch the ADV yet. Temptation level is so damn high man.

But I haven't finish yet! I want to try Sei's power first!

Sei's card can see the patterns! This is awesome! It's time to cheat! >:D Print screen that....

And use that to see the matching card on the game! Mwahahahah!

Easy win~! Sorry Clear I didn't mean to hurt you. Love you always

And I decide to use Instinct Aoba's card to Toue and himself...

Puzzled? Lolol I won't choose a card for you guys

Okay my mission is completed! It's time for the ADV part~


  1. oh I really want to play it, but I dont know where to download it.
    Please could you post the link or upload??
    I would love you <3

    1. Sure thing! You can download it at Aarinfantasy website:



    2. Hi! I really really really wanna download and play but I can't! Please help me! I'm really sad :(

    3. What do you mean by "You can't"? The file corrupted? Removed? no longer available?

      Did you try the link I provided above? You need to register as a member first then you can start the download.

      Or if you don't want to be a member you can try here:


  2. Ah, I saw your reply above and tried to download it, but there's a problem with 3rd link. Didn't you have any problems when downloading it? If you didn't have the problem, can you give me a hand? Thanks if you reply :)

    1. I don't have any problems while downloading it. What kind of problem do you have?

    2. All files are damaged, so i can't open the iso file..:(
      It seems that resent link users have the same problem as me..
      Would you mind if I ask you that iso file...?

    3. Oh no, I would like to send you the file but I already deleted the game files from my computer D: Sorry...

    4. That's ok :)
      Thank you for your kindness!!

  3. Assalamualaikum sis, I wonder how could you managed to play the mini game meanwhile I didnt too understand the rules to play it @_______@ //sheettt im getting goosebumps/// and sooooo have a problem reading the translation when using ITH... Can you please help me sis? T^T


    1. Waalaikumsalam :3 the rule is quite easy;

      1. You need to choose the same card pattern
      2. You can use the special card from the opponents you defeated. The stars indicates how much can you use

      And about the translation, what kind of problem you have? I played it smoothly (I guess)

  4. Ouh like that rupanyaaaaa //bingooo!// :D
    Its like the Ith seemed cant catch all the sentences,, only can catch a few of them T^T

    1. ITH acts weird with the mini game, but it shouldn't have any problem hooking texts in the ADV

  5. then sis, when you played the stories (ADV), do the ITH have Nitroplus thread? the ITH only had getglyphoutlineA thread, so im having a hard times to copy the japanese characters to get them translated. Q________________Q Any ideas sis..? :/

    here's my problem:

    thanks again sis...

  6. No, it doesn't have Nitroplus thread, it hooks every texts before any transitions happens. but just choose the fourth getglyphoutlineA thread and it will be fine.

  7. I thought it has that thread... //dissapointed// btw anyway, thanks a lot for the information, sis :DDD Maybe I should draw a drawing for u as a thanks gift? After The SPM finish... =w=''

    1. Well what can we do, at least the texts can be hooked and translated. So you're SPM candidate? Good luck with it! Kill the papers with your brain! xD

  8. hello Therapii! I've read your review about the game Dramatical murder re:connect! and I really want to play it deadly! although the link you gave to the person at the very top wasn't worked out for me*sob"* (access denided or so....)
    is it possible to ask you for the file of the reconnect?

    1. Err but I already deleted the files. You can find the download at Aarinfantasy under Download section (:


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